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You’re probably wondering whether the words farm and fashion belong in the same sentence. I considered the two words to be akin to the relationship between oil and water; never, no matter what you do, shall the two mesh. Well, let me tell you that I maintained that point of view until I ran into one of the local farm girls at Green Meadows Farms in Hamilton, Massachusetts.

I was super busy socializing with the pigs, chatting them up while they dug into their grain. Seriously, what else is there to do when the pigs eat but talk at the air? After three months in Paris, I was just grateful to speak with a creature that may, in fact, understand my words. The pigs would chuckle and giggle, feigning interest in my lousy jokes, unlike all those Parisians who simply stared, then winced and walked away. The pigs didn’t wince, not once.

Neither did the hens. They didn’t wince either. But like the pigs, they were far more interested in those huge grain bins than my idle chit-chat. They were so interested in that grain, several of them hopped into the bright bins, digging into a smorgasbord of yummy bits – yummy to them, at least. So… I was chatting with the pigs and then the hens and then ran into the most beautiful farm girl I’ve never seen. What, beside that huge smile, makes this farm girl so beautiful? Check out her outfit, people!

On this early Saturday morning, this farm girl had very little to wear at home. She pulled out whatever was clean and on hand, which included a short gray t-shirt, adorable plaid running shorts (the kind we used to wear in college), and the most sparkly leggings I’ve seen outside of the New York City Halloween Parade. Seriously.

So perhaps some of you think this outfit is a little unusual… it is! And thank goodness. Farmers are always wearing those boring baggy jeans, short sleeve t-shirts and John Deere hats. This farm girl had a different sort of inspiration that Saturday morning. While dealing with her lack of clean clothes, she made a decision that made me smile. She made my day. And when I asked to take her picture, including the super up-close photos of her long legs, she smiled, flattered by the compliment. I had, in turn, made her smile (and perhaps made her day, who knows…)

So I had my smile and snapped my photos and let her go on about her morning’s worth of tasks, which included feeding those hungry hens. I kept chatting with the animals, pointing out how lucky they were to have such a happy sparkly farm girl dosing out their grain.

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