Crisp White Greek Wine


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Some of you may know it, but we used to live in London.  Although we love living in Brooklyn, the one thing that makes coming back really difficult is the distances. By moving closer to our friends and families, we moved away from the low-cost flights to continental Europe, away form the train that could take us to the center of Brussels or Paris in 90 minutes. Yes, the Acela is great but let’s face it: given the choice, we’ll take Paris over Philadelphia anytime (now we do love Philly but… you know!).

In our 26 months in London, there is one trip that we never ended up taking: Greece. We’ve been talking about visiting the Greek islands way before Mamma Mia came out in the theaters and yet never made it out there (never saw the movie either, for the record). But that’s where Brooklyn’s awesomeness comes in. Yes, the Greek islands are pretty far from Greenpoint but we just found the next best thing to that and it’s a bottle of greek wine on a roof.

We were introduced to Kallisto by Lili at Dandelion Wines and jumped on it as we thought that $19 was not a very high price to pay to bring an exotic wine to our table. We were not disappointed and if it was any cheaper, we’d probably buy a case as it is the kind of bottle we’d like to have on hand all summer.

Very light in color, it’s a wine that does not hold any surprise, in a good way. It’s a straightforward light and refreshing summer wine, bright, dry and crisp. It’s a great wine to have on hand during the summer months and it’s also a great taking piece that would taste perfect with grilled vegetables – it does play very nicely with cayenne pepper.

The ideal pairing? Fried clams on a New England beach (invite us, we’ll bring the wine!).

Kallisto 2008, Korakochori Ilias, Greece | $19 at Dandelion Wine, 153 Franklin Street, Brooklyn.

Photo by Marcel Germain on Flickr.

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