Sweet Mint Tea, Grande Mosquée de Paris



Have you ever had sweet mint tea in a just-blossoming garden filled with bright blue furniture and bright-eyed strangers, all of you just waiting for the minutes to tick, tock, tick, tock away? I have.

And the tea was so very sweet. It was honey-hued, the consistency of a sugar syrup. With a taste like candy, this tea delighted each of us in this walled-garden, especially me and the hubby (who pulled a très thoughtful pose as I clicked away on my camera).

The tea was bright but when it reflected the gray sky above, it clouded up, giving a nod to the fat rain drops that soon followed. No bother to any of us, because we were drinking tea in a garden.

We were drinking the sweetest tea in sturdy vibrant blue chairs that popped off the multicolored low walls. The furniture was both soothing and electric at the same time, lulling us to rest a while but also pepping us up for the rest of our Paris walk.

When the drops fells, it wasn’t a bother either. We simply all huddled under the elegant umbrellas and waited it out with our super sweet tea.

We were tempted to hurry inside, but instead let the drops fall around us. The inside was, however, equally gorgeous, with bright blue and gold furniture. It was empty; we were all outside under the rain drops.

All of these simple delights lie behind one of the many solid old doors surrounding one of the most beautiful mosques in Paris. You can experience the pleasures of the sweet tea, blue hues and garden vibes at La Grande Mosquée de Paris at 39 Rue Geoffroy Saint-Hilaire, 75005 Paris, France. Tel: 01 43 31 18 14. There’s lots of other-worldy experiences waiting for you there, but don’t forget to drink the tea, okay?

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