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Charlotte Druckman is my new food friend. I’ve admired her writing for years and am so in love with her column for The New York Times Style Magazine called “We Made It Ourselves” where she profiles handmade food. We adore her so that we asked her to share more about hand-crafted food and how she’d use her favorites at a dinner party.

What’s your favorite local, hand-crafted food item(s) right now?

My favorite recent discovery is the bacon-maple biscuit at the newest outpost of Birdbath Bakery–it’s in Soho, on the grounds of the former Vesuvio bakery, this legendary, old, Italian family-run operation. Thankfully, Maury Rubin, Mr. Birdbath, has kept a lot of the original facade and design in tact.

Anyway, this biscuit. It’s almost a cheap shot–who doesn’t love the bacon-maple combination? Who doesn’t love a good biscuit? And this one is really good, plus, the maple pools in little burnt crispy bits, off the side of the biscuit. I wrote about this bacon jam that’s made in Seattle. What I’m dying to do is spread some of that on the biscuit (I’m never against gilding the lily). Problem is that I never make it home with the biscuit. You kind of can’t stop eating it. Maybe I’ll bring the jam with me on my next excursion.

I also adore The Yogurt Place II on Sullivan Street. It’s owned by a mother-daughter team, and they make the best thick Greek yogurt, onto which they spoon fig conserves, apricot conserves, or very sour (in a good way) cherries.

I think the people who are doing Anarchy in a Jar jams are brilliant, and, most of all, I’m OBSESSED with the MilkMade people–it’s an ice cream subscription. The founder delivers your pint to you in person; each is hand-labeled, hand-made, etc. I just got my first installment a few weeks ago. You choose between two flavors (they’re constantly testing). I chose the coffee + donuts. It tastes like the perfect cup of coffee with milk in it, plus Doughnut Plant items mixed in (the hazelnut doughnut is the one that resonated the most during my repeated tastings).

How would you use that item(s) at a dinner party?

I would definitely slice the biscuits horizontally, and smear the jam in between the halves, sandwich style. I’d cut each sandwich up into a few bite-sized portions and serve them as pre-dinner nibbles. Or in lieu of bread at the table, I suppose each person could have a biscuit, and instead of butter, I’d offer bacon jam. This is a tough question, because all of these things are so good on their own, they don’t really need anything. I’d love to serve the ice cream on a warm chocolate cake or souffle, or even, on a sticky toffee pudding.

Charlotte is currently co-writing Anita Lo‘s first cookbook with her, and just wrote the article she’s been waiting to write for years on female chefs for the 10th anniversary issue of Gastronomica. [This is the second in a series of blog interviews with Charlotte. Read part 1.]


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