Hello Paris



[The gorgeous photo above was taken by Johnny Santo Domingo. Don’t you love it?]

Over the next few months, this site may appear a little… foreign… to some of you. I’ve taken on a new gig that needs me to spend some time exploring Paris. I’ll be eating, walking, shopping, photographing and generally visiting with the City of Light this winter and spring. Yes, I fully realize that I am one lucky lady.

How did this all happen? It’s a long story. I’ll just say that I made a promise to myself that I would continue to explore my dreams and discover my passions in 2010. I adore sharing authentic food, travel and shopping tidbits with the world, and I found a gig that would let me further flex those skills. My focus will be on delivering my kind of old-fashioned hospitality, while sucking in as much of Paris as I can.

Starting in February, I’ll be eating, shopping and living differently, something that will definitely be reflected in what I share on this site. I sure do hope you stick around to see all my adventures in the ultimate food city.

Okay, now that you know, I need to enlist your help. I will be living in an apartment that has a fully-equipped kitchen. I plan to cook a lot. And while the Internet is filled with gorgeous recipes that I can easily access while abroad, I know I’ll miss my 400+ cookbook collection.

If you could bring one, just one, cookbook with you to Paris, which would it be? I’ll list out some options below, but am so happy to hear your take on the cookbook you’d want to have with you in the most delicious city in the world.

Some of my favorites from my current collection:

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