Farnum Hill Cider




This weekend, we made a grand lunch for dear friends. This lunch involved some scrumptious recipes like slow-roasted pulled pork sandwiches and a spicy vinegar-based barbecue sauce (thanks to my hubby), sweet potato gratin (thanks to a great recipe at food52.com) and a luscious caramel pudding (thanks to Deb at Smitten Kitchen). It was quite a meal that my friends never got to experience, as they had to cancel at the last moment (poor sick momma and baby)… but we decided to keep cooking and toasted our friends repeatedly, such that they’d be there in spirit. Many, many toasts were had in their honor…

In lieu of wine or beer, I opted to toast with a bottle of local cider. I had been saving it for a special occasion and, gosh, what better occasion to celebrate than when the hubby slow-cooks a nine pound pork shoulder, right? Hell, I’d have been pleased with grilled cheeses, but if he took the time to rise at 6 AM to cook this tough piece of local meat until caramelized, tender and sweet, I was going to serve something special!

Don’t think this perky cider is akin to a traditional Irish Magners or the like. I love sweet syrupy ciders; they definitely have a place in my repertoire. But sometimes they taste like liquid sugar, piping a buzzy high through me instantaneously. Farnum Hill Farmhouse Cider is quite different.

This cider is dry, sharp and interesting, tasting more like a crisp, albeit fruity, sparkling wine than a traditional New England cider. I sipped, slowly, and didn’t even consider gulping this good stuff down. Despite drinking the entire bottle, I held my ground. I have a feeling that had more to do with the low alcohol content (6.5%) than my personal fortitude. But I suppose I should give myself the benefit of the doubt, eh?

You may find this lovely cider at fine retail outlets across New England. If, however, you’d like to do a little tasting of their ciders and some local cheeses, we could host a little event up in Lebanon, New Hampshire or at my house just north of Boston later this year. If you’re interested, please leave a “yesiree!” in the comments or email me at maggie AT eatboutique.com. I’d be happy to make the arrangements!


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