Sin Plates and Sugar Cones


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Virginia Sin’s line of eco-friendly porcelain products are inspired and profound. They look like picnic-style paper plates but, get this folks, they’re made of microwave- and dishwasher-safe porcelain. They’re completely irregular in shape and style, something that makes me love them more, in a very wabi sabi sort of way.

These plates found a spot in my heart virtually last month and, serendipitously, a friend gave me one the very next day, just 24 hours after the love first manifested. So now, lucky me, I have one of these perfect little faux paper plates in my possession. (Thank you, dear friend!)

I suppose you could use them as a statement piece for extra change, but I love to serve myself a little piece of cake on my plate (you know, when I’m all by myself with a big cup of tea). I hope to pick up some of her sugar cones someday soon too…


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