Send this Holiday Giftbox




My little labor of love has finally launched. I am officially an online retailer during the 2009 holiday season. Let me explain…

My relationships with my family and friends are precious. Over the years, I hated sending them machine-made food from big companies too busy to hand-write my gift message. I understand that time is money, but I thought there had to be another way. Sure, I could make my own jams, cookies and chocolates to send to friends but I knew there were already amazing products made locally by mom-and-pop shops that needed to be shared with the world.

A couple years ago, a light bulb went off for me. Since I had tasted many delicious goodies during my trips across New England, I had insight into what was truly hand-crafted in small batches with love. What if I gathered these special food products, all made by independent artisans, into a giftbox that I distributed myself with a hand-written gift message?

I vetted the concept with what feels like hundreds of friends, family members and food fans. Everyone wanted great food treats packed with love in modern, sweet packaging. After lots of hard work by a small circle of close friends, the Eat Boutique Holiday Giftbox is ready to send to your friends, colleagues and loved ones!

The sweet and savory treats featured are so delicious that you’ll want a giftbox for yourself. I’m so honored to offer items from wonderful New England small businesses: Taza Chocolate, Lark Fine Foods, Q’s Nuts, Hutchinson’s Candy and Silverbrook Farm. These food items really are wonderful. And, I hope the photos below show that they are being packaged with love.

I made a limited number of boxes this time around, so make sure to get one while you can. Order a giftbox now. And, thank you for showing such love to this site over the years. I really appreciate it, and hope I’m sharing the love back by offering you a gift alternative to share with the folks you love. Happy Holidays!






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