Barncastle, Blue Hill, Maine




What do you get when you cross a barn with a castle? Apparently, a pretty great pizza joint. While snoring away the hours up in Maine a few weeks ago, we got hungry. We were over lobster, craving a more earthier, starchier menu. Good, local friends, the type of friends who were part of the reason we decided to get married in Maine years ago, recommended Barncastle in Blue Hill, Maine. These friends gave great wedding advice, so we now listen to all their advice, including pizza joint recommendations!

The wood-fired pizza was chewy, crunchy and, despite doused with toppings, had a good ratio of cheese to veggies to crust. We were so in love with Barncastle’s food, that we returned to try their spanakopita. I am not a spanakopita expert and I’m sure many of you may chide me for this but I love TANG in my spanakopita. I crave a spinach mixture that screams “FETA!” I really appreciated the tanginess of their filling. In fact, I’d give plenty for another slice right now. Alas, a six hour drive is not in my near-term future, but I continue to dream about that tangy feta and spinach combo. Is it hard to make?! Perhaps we shall see…


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