Latitude 43, Gloucester, MA




I hate to say that I lowered my expectations at this newish Gloucester joint, but I did. I really anticipated hating every single item on the menu at Latitude 43. And I had good reason to! First, the outside looks like a Joe’s All American Bar & Grill – ick! Next, the menu is long and way too varied – ribs, saltimbocca and sushi, oh my! And, well, the view from the back deck was too perfect for tourists looking for that perfect fishing village experience – piles of boats nuzzle around the platform.

I’m a tough diner to please, to say the least, and I let these stereotypes sometimes cloud my eating. But, oh my goodness, this sushi roll blew me away!

While I tend to hesitate when presented with fancy rolls, this assembly of flavors pleased me to no end. It was bright and satisfying and texturiffic! The Latitude 43 roll is described as “Crispy tempura tuna and wasabi goat cheese center, avocado, enoki mushrooms, endive, cucumber, tobiko, spinach, mizuna, and mango served with sweet plum chili”. Yes, that’s a mouthful, but it’s a delightful mouthful.

One may argue it’s also an expensive mouthful. Eighteen dollars a roll is not a price made for these economic times, but I almost ordered a follow-up roll without a second thought. That impulse was less about my wallet and more about just how yummy this roll is. The rest of my meal was quite satisfying, but I’m heading back to Latitude 43 for the artful, delicious sushi. Who knew a little fishing village best known for fried haddock turned out such fine sushi!?

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