Homemade Pork Sausage


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We had such the treat a few weeks ago. My Irish husband’s uncle happens to be Italian. My family is Italian, so he and I get along just fine, whispering about fabulous Italian-inspired cuisine like lasagne, stuffed peppers, homemade gravy and, in this case, homemade sausages.

In lieu of buying sausages, my husband’s uncle decided to pay me a visit one Sunday morning to share his easy process/recipe. He used to be a butcher in a local Italian deli and knows a thing or two about making sausages.

Uncle Vinnie bought everything – pork shoulder, hog casings – that’s it! I had all the spices needed to make these lovely delicacies.

Uncle Vinnie sliced up the shoulder and gently threaded it through our sausage making apparatus. (We bought the attachment for our KitchenAid mixer.) We slid the sliced shoulder through the machine and ground it once. Post grinding, we seasoned it with salt, pepper and whatever spices we desired; we choose fennel and crushed red peppers.

After a little seasoning, we pushed it through the machine one more time into hog casings that had been soaked in water to loosen them. It took about 20 minutes to make our own sausage; we were shocked at how easy it was and grateful for the 10 pounds of sausages that nestled into our freezer for the next month or so.

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