Parmasan Truffle Oil Fries at Healdsburg Bar and Grill



Last week, my pal Dan and I were debating the merits of truffle oil. Truffle oil, a substance that has very little actual truffle in it, has popped up on menus all over the taste spectrum, whether fancy fine dining or, as in this case, every day bar and grill food. We both agreed that we were so over truffle oil, and we wished chefs would get over it too.

A few days ago, I visited the Healdsburg Bar and Grill in Northern California for a quick burger, as we heard they made the best in the county. The locals didn’t lie; the burger was delicious. The husband and I also shared a basket full of fries that had been covered in parmasan cheese and truffle oil, actually dipped in loads of truffle oil. And, despite my complaints last week, I kept stuffing these shiny, oily potato sticks in my mouth, aching for the faux truffle flavor.

So Dan, I have to adjust my opinion. Sure, chefs over do it and toss truffle oil on just about anything these days, but it’s the consumer that’s too blame. If we want chefs to move on to the next flavor of the month, we’ll need to stop asking for the oil, stop ordering shiny fries covered in it, relegate ourselves to plain old fries.

Yes, and I’ll add that to my to do list for next month.

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