Tuna Tartare at Willie’s Seafood and Raw Bar


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Raw tuna, jalapenos, cashews, ginger, coconut milk and yucca chips. Add a pile of sweet micro-greens and you have a popular dish at a Healdsburg spot called Willie’s Seafood and Raw Bar. I was skeptical on two fronts.

First, I live in New England where I have daily access to the freshest fish in the world. I wondered whether this little town in northern California could meet my fresh fish requirements.

Second, tuna and coconut milk? Coconut milk? It seems like such a natural to some but I’m so familiar with lime-wasabi-touched raw tuna that coconut milk took me by surprise. The husband hates coconut milk and really wanted to skip it, but we took a chance.

I’m going to struggle to find the words to describe the deliciousness that is this appetizer. It was sweet, crunchy, mellow and almost dessert-like. I had to hold myself back from ordering a bowl like I’d order a tub of rice pudding at the end of a meal.

Just as I was scared of this dish, I was hesitant to try Willie’s. Jen, our lovely tasting room assistant at Selby Winery, gushed about Willie’s raw bar an hour earlier. We debated the persona of the restaurant. Between its rustic sign and locale between some of the best restaurants in Healdsburg, we figured we should pass. Jen insisted it was her favorite spot; thank goodness we gave it a shot.

Some standout dishes:

  • Charred Rare Ahi, Cucumber, Avocado, Truffled Soy
  • Minted Lamb, Sweet Black Soy
  • Deanís Salt & Pepper Baby Back Riblets
  • Marin Miyagi Oysters

If you visit and decide to try dessert, go for the Bailey’s Milkshake. I’m hijacking the idea to serve at my house. It was unbelievable and it needs to be a regular course in my dinner party routine.

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