Chicken Paillard at Bistro Ralph



We made very few food plans for wine country USA this time around. On our honeymoon three years ago, we hit all the fancy spots like Terra and The French Laundry. On this trip, we wanted to let locals guide us. Sure, we booked tables at a few prime spots in up and down the area, but our aim is to keep our plans open, our wallets fairly tight and are taste buds ready for anything.

After a brief walk around Healdsburgh Square yesterday, we stumbled upon Bistro Ralph just before closing time. The staff seemed reluctant to give us a table, but acquiesced when we almost moved on. I remain so glad that we stuck to our guns and forced the staff to let us give Ralph’s a try.

Bistro Ralph’s appears fancy from the outside but is really just a funky family who loves food but is really just looking to get through their shifts. The service was adequate, to say the most. A lone bus boy was quite aware of the less than stellar service we received and tried to impress by refilling our glasses, offering to take our photo and even giving us a pile of rolls to take home when I had simply requested to take home the remaining two on our plate.

Aside from service, the meal was delicious. My Chicken Paillard was divine – crunchy, salty with capers, loaded with sauteed thinly-sliced lemons – and I was in love. The husband loved his lamb burger that was cooked perfectly, juicy and red in the center.

Overall, we enjoyed the food at Bistro Ralph and truly appreciated the decor – a cross between modern chic, rustic antique and patio style with woven-style chairs. The service was an altogether separate experience, one we have not found repeated in all of Healdsburg, even in the local burger joint.

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