Summer Tomatoes in Wine Country



When we left New England yesterday, the chill in the air suggested Fall had settled in and soon apples, pumpkins and gourds would flood local markets and tabletops, begging to be thrown into stews, casseroles and pies, anything to comfort us as the temperatures drop.

We decided to wise up this year and extend the warm weather for as long as possible. So yesterday, we escaped the encroaching reminders of Fall, landing in San Francisco around midnight. Feeling the same chill we had left behind, the husband and I both bore very hesitant, curious looks, at each other and all around us, wondering if we had missed the boat. It was cold and raining.

This morning, at the Healdsburg Farmer’s Market, the locals assured us that Summer was still with us and that we’d have a week of sun. If they’re personal assurances weren’t enough, I merely had to stand amidst the stalls of tomato piles, take in the final Summer aroma, and snap as many photos as possible to hold on to those long, sweet days.

There were about 30 varieties of the plump fruit on display and though the husband and I do not have a kitchen this week, we were suckered into buying two perfect specimens for our afternoon wine tastings. Every afternoon, beneath the olive trees behind our cottage, we sip a few glasses and taste whatever we’ve found. Today’s market trip gave us two gorgeous tomatoes, a pile of just ripe figs, a small round of local goat cheese and little curds of a local fresh cheese injected with garlic shards.

We’ve got one short week to enjoy the last of Summer – tomatoes, sun and all. So we’re going to soak it up because we know how short Fall is in New England, and that by the time we finish up our little foodie trip up and down the west coast, Massachusetts snow will bear down hard.

Enjoy the tomato shots below.

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