Mezze Platter at Sofra Bakery & Cafe


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There’s nothing I like more than an appetizer or antipasti to linger over while waiting for your main course. On second thought, forget the main course. Just give me little tidbits of unique tastes that weave between each other to tell a story of a cuisine.

This mezze platter tells quite the unique story. I tasted fresh tomatoes plucked from an organic farm just west of Boston, oozing their sweet tang. I savored a wood burning fire that had smoked up fresh eggplants into a smooth paste topped with a sprinkle of an even smokier pepper. I remembered really good feta, whipping it up with roasted red peppers in my own food processor, aiming to recreate the tang of Ana Sortun‘s whipped red pepper feta.

This plate carried me back to the many meals I’ve had at Sortun’s now famous Oleana in Cambridge, MA. But while I’m always smacking my lips, ready to dine at that very restaurant when a fancy occasion deems it necessary, I don’t have to anymore. Sortun opened Sofra in a lesser known section of Cambridge, just on the Watertown line, a few months ago. Though it’s far more casual, Sofra embodies the same spirit that made Oleana famous. You’re pummeled with little unique bites that make you wonder how all these flavors got meshed together – Who thought to smoke eggplant into a paste? Who decided tomato and kibbeh would be heaven together? Why didn’t someone think to mash red peppers with feta years ago?

Sortun has been telling the story of Turkish-inspired cusine for years. Instead of having to spend a pretty penny at Oleana, I can now savor all these little bites all the time, transported home in cute eco-friendly packaging. Or I can dine there, which is just as pleasant. But I’d rather eat all the whipped feta in the privacy of my own home, with a glass of red wine, not worrying about the quirky smiles I receive upon finishing every last smudge.

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