Late Summer Farm Girls Dinner


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The first ever Farm Girls Dinner took place at Oleana restaurant in late August. It’s a little event that several of us wanted to happen since the Spring. Schedules, appetites and moons finally aligned for new and old friends to meet, drink and indulge in an authentic and extravagant meal made with farm fresh produce, all natural proteins and lots of old-fashioned hospitality.

The guests were, first, girls (of course) and second, passionate for farm-inspired cuisine. Three of the guests happened to also be wives of farmers, women who were getting a fancy evening out after lots of hard Summer work, sort of a mid-season break from supporting their exhausted spouses. I say “mid-season” because though the Summer is almost over, the harvest season is really just beginning; we are in fact only half-way through our community-supported agriculture program at Green Meadows Farm (check out their new web site!) and will reap the benefits of the harvest through October. Great for us, but farm families don’t see a break until the holidays.

It was such a treat to gather these fabulous women at a farm-inspired restaurant in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Oleana is a leading light in the farm-to-table movement, and consistently switches its menu to mesh with the seasons and is supported by several area farms. These ladies have eaten some pretty fine cuisine, whether pulled from their very own organic farm or while working at or visiting some pretty amazing restaurants, so dining at an equally amazing restaurant while chatting about food and life was a delight.

Oleana exemplifies casual fine dining. My favorite sort of dining, “casual fine dining” permits the guest to enjoy an amazing, almost exalted menu, where special attention is paid to ingredients, preparation and presentation, in an atmosphere so familiar you’d think you were in your own back yard, only with better plates and exemplary service. A few great bottles of wine accompanied our sampling of starters and appetizers (including a divinely-stuffed squash blossom), huge main courses and several shared desserts.

By the time the dinner drew to a close, our bellies were too full and our spirits lightened by the wine and general giddiness in the air. We were well taken-care of and, dare I say, quite spoiled by the staff. We felt fortunate to have had a few hours to escape life, to celebrate our passion/hobby for food and to meet new friends.

We all promised to get together again soon, but secretly, we all new the remainder of the harvest or new babies about to be born or a pretty all-consuming masters program or the insanely hectic pace of life would make it very difficult to replicate that evening. But the general feeling remains the same: Farm Girls Dinners are fun and should happen regularly. With that, I plan to announce the next one on this site shortly. We’re thinking of hitting Will Gilson’s Garden at the Cellar in October. Are you a girl? Are you in the Boston area? Are you game? Email me at maggie AT eatboutique DOT com.

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