Charlie’s Beer Garden


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Today, I visited the new beer garden that opened at Charlie’s in Cambridge, Massachusetts over the July 4th holiday. I expected to solely have new, fun times loaded with New England ales, but a few hours there brought me back to my crazy, single days living in downtown New York City.

While friends indulged in local ales, all very rich and delicious, I drifted back to good times with my little glass goblet filled with Chimay, a Belgium ale I wet my lips with nearly every night in my early 20s.

There was a little lounge, styled after a European spot, just north of Houston Street, that hosted all my technology-geek friends back in the days of Silicon Alley. You remember Silicon Alley? It was New York’s downtown region labeled as such to rival Silicon Valley. We worked hard in the Alley, trying to make a name for our little technology companies that could. At night, we’d visit Von.

Von was nothing special, just a little room with a DJ booth and long bar that played lounge music and served every sort of Belgium Ale on the market. I was introduced to Chimay there, and drink it every chance I get. The herbed bouquet is scrumptious, filled with nutmeg, clove and something else I can’t place.

I was so happy to see Charlie’s Beer Garden have Chimay on tap, something fairly hard to find in New England. Charlie’s is a little spot hidden in Harvard Square that folks revere for their burgers. Despite all the fancy Yelp reviews, Charlie’s is not fancy and not amazing in the least. The burgers are satisfactory, at best, and don’t let anyone tell you different. But this place is less about the burgers and more about the cheap food and convivial atmosphere.

The Beer Garden is a very new idea for Boston and finally gives us a little spot to drink cheap beer and chow on cheap food at most hours. The price is right and the outdoor spot is perfect during Boston’s hot Summers. Don’t bother with the food; just go to enjoy the the sliver of sunshine that drifts into the garden while you enjoy a great beer on tap. (It doesn’t have to be Chimay, though I highly recommend it.)

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