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Food forms community. A few burgers on a grill can lure family and friends to a backyard. Piles of smoked beef and pork call an entire neighborhood to attention. And a medley of barbecued meats and grilled oysters pulled some friends to our garden a few weeks ago.

The menu was plentiful and presented a lot of variety, as you never know which dish will speak to which friend. We served a small smoked brisket, pork and beef ribs, citrus-marinated shellfish and a pile of oysters tossed on the grill with melted dill-butter. It was all fun and delicious, and our guests sampled a little bit of this and that while taking in the late Spring sun, a certain sun that always seems to be accompanied by a slight breeze.

The best part of the afternoon wasn’t the formal menu, though we did indeed have a nice meal. My favorite moment was when we placed a large white platter of fresh fruit in the center of the table. Everyone quickly returned to their seats, lunging for soft apricots and popping sweet strawberries. The multiple conversations ceased. We all were joined in one large monologue as we tugged on cherry stems and refilled our glasses with wine or beer.

Most of the dishes required hours of preparation, especially the meats that demanded dry rub the night before. But the dish that required virtually no work – a simple fresh fruit platter – pulled us all together, joined our conversations, and, in essence, brought us back to center. Food forms community. Instead of further food photos, how about photos of the community that formed around that meal?






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