Coffee in Pavia, Italy




When I landed in Milan on April 14 of this year, my host Davide zipped me down to his home in Pavia and immediately invited some family over for coffee. I was a bit dazed from two long flights and decided to nestle in with some coffee, a bit of cake and my camera. As the family buzzed about in quick Italian, I was touched by all the lovely mismatched cups, and amused by Davide’s aunt’s huge gold ring.


A starched linen was placed on the table, along with cups of different sizes and little spoons with which to spoon heaping servings of Fruttosio (sugar made from fruit instead of sugar cane) into their dark, rich coffee. A canister of Fruttosio was lucky enough to make it through customs on my way home.


This little white cup with blue flowers particularly mesmerized me. It was so delicate and much too delicate for every day use in America, but my Italian friends were too happy to deliver my coffee in this sweet vessel.


Davide’s aunt was equally amused by me and my passion for food and Italian recipes in particular. She went on and on about her much visited home kitchen, and everyone around the table agreed she served flavorful cuisine.


She was so pleased that she proceeded to recite her famous Summer zucchini pasta dish that she makes for every family event. It’s a dish she’s known for and she went into great detail on how to prepare the zucchini. Alas, she recited her method in Italian and my translators were too slow for her quick lips. (An email of the recipe is allegedly on its way to me this month.)


I fell in love with this little stove top coffee maker. And, though I only drink decaf coffee, fell in love with the dark, strong flavor of the regular coffee Davide’s Mom packed into this machine each morning. Davide has said Alessi makes new perfect little coffee machines, but I am trying to find this exact one from 20 years ago. I’m hoping to snag one on Ebay in short order!


I felt very privileged to partake in this regular coffee event. It energized me for day of exploring the center of Pavia. In America, we tend to steer away from weekday coffee chats in the home favoring long, drawn-out dinners on the weekends. I want to find some weekday leisure time, invite a girlfriend over and enjoy a quick coffee and sweet treat, and then get back to the business of my day. Perhaps it would help cope with the stress of the work week, and remind me to take it all with a grain of… Fruttosio.


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