Italy: Como


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I’ve only now had a few moments to download my 800 photos of Italy, New York and so many meals. No meal photos here today, just a glimpse into where I was a mere week ago. Part of me feels as if Italy was a dream, a delight I’m remembering only bit by bit. The other part of me knows it happened and feels so sad that I’ve neglected to share every moment, photo and bite.

Bit by bit, I will catch up. And bit by bit, I’ll begin to tell the story that was Italy for me. Italy is different for everyone, and I’m sure was especially unique for many of the readers of this site. But I can only share my photos, tell you my two cents about the people, vistas and cuisine. The photo above feels like a postcard, not because I’m a great photographer (which I am not) but because it seems unreal (mountains, snow, water, flowers all in one scene).

In addition to the view, I took in an amazing meal with such a sweet family while in Como. They were so generous with their time, their home and their attention to detail. I will post those photos shortly, when I get a moment to adequately describe the deliciousness that was their meal. For now, one more photo that also seemed unreal to me, but permitted me to see a vista that had been buried in my mind for so long. I felt that Como looked this good in real life, and was totally right.


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