Boutique Restaurant: Toro


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After the flower show, I met a friend for dinner at Toro in Boston’s South End. Toro is a Spanish wine bar and tapas joint that caters to the young and fabulous. I’ve got the “young” part down and visited with a “fabulous” creative friend of mine. The wine list was long and substantial. The chalk board reminded me of the gigantic homemade one my husband dedicated to me as he hung it in the kitchen (old kitchen) last year. I miss the daily love scribbles to me, and the dinner party menus posted each weekend. Though we never had the talent to draw one of those bulls, below.

The food was perfect, little bursts of flavor that popped alongside the many different wines I tasted.


The decor was casual, dressed in rough blond wood and dark metals. These stools looked homemade and made me think I need to inspire the husband with a weekend project to make some of these for our back deck. I can imagine summers of rain pounding that roughness into the grain, forcing them to curve more closely to our bodies year to year.


The bathroom was dark and lovely, as a bar that caters to the young and fabulous should have. I was pleased with the wallpaper, dark and moody, of those gorgeous matador and his wild bull.


Toro is located at 1704 Washington Street, Boston, MA, 617-536-4300.

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