Valentine’s Day Bouquet, or Lovely Table Centerpiece, or Baby Girl Bouquet


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I’m dedicating this beautiful bright pink photo to the birth of my dear friend Emma’s new baby girl. We love you, Emma and Rob! Your post last night made me cry. If I wasn’t three hours away (and it wasn’t arctic outside), these flowers would be waiting on your door step upon your return home.

Here’s a quick, affordable Valentine’s Day bouquet for your significant other, spouse or lovaah. Pull out any old vase from your personal stash. Grab 3-4 bunches of carnations in your favorite color from your local super market. I picked these up at Whole Foods for $6/bunch. Form a tight bouquet in your hand, overlapping stems as you turn the bunch in your hand, making sure it has a slight domed effect. Cut the stems with very sharp scissors at the perfect height for the flowers to fall just over the edge of the vase. Gently place into the vase and fill with cold water to just below the rim. You may need to push and prod the flowers to get them just right. This featured bouquet cost me no more than $18 but looks like at least $50 or more. Jammed together in a vase, the carnations take on the look of antiqued hydrangea and transcend above cheap supermarket flowers. Your lovaah will thank you… hopefully, over and over again!

This is a fairly inexpensive idea. But if $18 is too much for your pockets, or your significant person simply ain’t worth that much. Pick up 1-2 bunches and make a little baby bouquet for a smaller vase. It’s so darn cute. I may like the small one bettah, lovaah!

Their not edible, but their so lovely you wish they were. I used this bouquet for the centerpiece at last week’s little dinner party, and carnations last forever so they will adorn the table this weekend as well. On a burgundy tablecloth, they simply sparkle.


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