Cranberry Scones




I’ve had a glorious six months at home. During this down time, I’ve built my dream kitchen, started this web site and gotten back into the habit of writing daily. I’ve also cooked hundreds of meals and eaten very well, both in my own home and at local boutique restaurants.

My husband has been incredibly supportive during this time as I figure out my life, explore my passions and get excited about work again. I’ll be heading back to work shortly and may end up posting far less than daily, and cooking far less as well. So this morning, I wanted to thank my husband for being my partner, a partner who understands when ‘not working’ is the only cure to whatever ails you. (I know some of you know exactly what I mean.)

We had loads of very tart local cranberries from the farm. With cranberry sauce a thing of holiday’s past, I was wondering what to do with these perfect little specimens. The Boston Globe featured an Ina Garten recipe a few weeks ago, and being that I had some time today, I set to make these Cranberry Scones the moment I popped out of bed, even before my coffee.

I opted to nix the glaze. I also wanted to show the love for the hubbie, making these a true little ‘thank you’ using my heart-shaped cookie cutter. My convection oven cooked these up pretty quickly, in less than 20 minutes. And we dug in fairly quickly, smothering them with different combinations of salty butter, unfiltered honey, Celie’s blackberry jelly (made by our best friend’s 3-yr old daughter) and cranberry confiture. The husband preferred the blackberry jelly, and I loved them with pats of butter and swooshes of honey.

So just a warm little ‘thank you’ to my favorite person on this blustery, snowy New England day. Enjoy these little devils while you can. Once I get back to the grind, these little Monday morning treats will be a thing of the past… or simply specialties reserved for the weekends.




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