Recipe: Roasted Fennel


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There’s nothing quite as good as simple roasted vegetables. No fancy spices. No special preparation methods. All you need is salt, pepper and olive oil. And it doesn’t have to even be super fancy extra virgin olive oil. Any nice olive oil will do.

I set my convection oven at 325 degrees. A convection oven really doesn’t need to pre-heat, so as soon as the veggies are ready and dressed, I pop them into the oven. I roasted this fennel in a tin bread pan, just because it looked so pretty all tightly seated in the pan. It browned up in the oven after about 45 minutes – but you use your best judgment. As soon as a fork easily pierces the flesh, it’s all ready.

The husband hates fennel. Hates it. Too much like licorice for him. Fennel does have a strong licorice odor and taste when it’s raw. But once roasted, the fennel takes on a sweet savory taste with only a slight licorice aroma. I love it. One only needs to grate some really good parmasean over top, and serve warm.


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