My Dressed Christmas Trees


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I finished decorating my Christmas Trees. And while some gave up on the LEDs, I persevered (begrudgingly) and I’m really pleased that I did. (See more photos of my trees decorated, lit up at night and naked here.)

All my designer friends say my big tree looks very Scandinavian in design. I say… “err… yeah… that’s what I was going for!” We all know that’s not true; I was just trying to make the best of my new LED lights that decrease energy use by 90% but have a slight blue tint. I learned that if you decorate the tree with all white and silver ornaments along with white glass beads, the lights look far less blue and much more bright white. I love my big tree.

My little tree is a tribute to Ikea and my new brown kitchen. It’s dressed with dark brown ornaments, tinsel and a brown star tied to the tree with a brown satin ribbon. There’s no bow up there; bows are very 2006. I’m all about loose-hanging ribbon that waves in the breeze. I did the same on my front and back door wreaths.



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