Cutting It Close… But We’re Almost Ready for Thanksgiving!


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I’m going to move away from kitchen construction madness conversation (kitchen is being painted as we speak) to discuss all the prep work taking place today for the big day – Thanksgiving. Despite being behind schedule yesterday, we are all caught up today, thanks to my fabulous sister and Mom. Here’s where things stand, and how close we are to completing the Thanksgiving menu.



  • Make cranberry with port and orange
  • Make herb butter
  • Make molasses cookie dough
  • Pull out and clean all dishes / platters
  • Chill wine and prosecco

Between 1-5PM:

  • Prep greens and red onions
  • Bake off molasses cookies, let cool, package in cellophane
  • Roast hazelnuts in 325 degree oven, 8 minutes

After 5PM:

  • Brine turkey in 1 gallon water, 1 cup salt and herbs
  • Finishing making mashed potatoes with caramelized garlic and parsnips
  • Make sausage and bread stuffing
  • Assemble hazelnut, sage and mushroom stuffing
  • Set up tables with white table clothes in dining room



  • Marinate halibut in pesto
  • Set dining table with white cloths, napkins and peach plates
  • Design centerpieces with rosemary and breadsticks
  • Make lemon buerre blanc sauce
  • Put turkey in 325 degree oven, 15 minutes per pound – AT 10AM


  • Saute hazelnuts in oil and thyme


  • Warm up stuffings
  • Bring cheeses to room temperature
  • Bring apple and pumpkin pies to room temperature
  • Put halibut in oven
  • Saute green beans, put on platter
  • Warm up mashed potatoes


  • Saute greens with garlic and red onion
  • Carve turkey
  • Warm up turkey gravy
  • Toss green beans in herb butter
  • Warm up rolls in oven

At the last moment:

  • Assemble pear brandy cocktails (sugar, pear brandy, prosecco)
  • Assemble cheese plate with grapes, crackers and fig spread (dessert)

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