Kitchen Update: One Week Left…


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In one week from today, I will be cooking in my new kitchen. Come hell or high water or botched stained floors or screwed up HVAC release vents or less than perfect granite counter tops or anything else that could possibly go wrong, I will be cooking in my new kitchen.

Today the wood floors went down and, boy, are they lovely. I don’t really understand why people stain or apply polyurethane to wood floors; they’re so lovely as they are. I guess if you want them to last past a few months, it’s a wise idea and we’ll in turn be sanding, staining and poly-ing later this week. (Well, I won’t – I’ll be in a cozy hotel, nail-biting, excited to see the outcome.)

So this is a busy week. It’s a make or break week actually. My contractor thinks I’m nuts but I have faith in him and all the sub-contractors that they want to get PAID before a major holiday so they have money to buy big organic turkeys and mounds of local mashed potatoes and lots of nice red wine. I know they want their money, so I believe they’ll pull through. Pull through, people. I have to cook in my kitchen next week. FOURTEEN PEOPLE. That’s a lot of people. Pull through for me. There may be a nice big slice of pie on the other end…

I will tease all of you with some photos of my kitchen, in progress. (The “before” photos are on a friend’s camera, and we will get them soon. UPDATE: I found the photo of our original kitchen!) This is for all you folks who have seen my old tiny cramped 10 ft. X 10 ft. kitchen of yesteryear… It’s now 18 ft. X 16 ft. and on its way to being pure heaven.

Consider these some before photos:



The walls came down between the old kitchen and the dining room. Ruby, our little dog, couldn’t be happier. She agreed to pose for some photos. I think she’s over this entire process in the second photo.



Wood floors down. Most of the cabinets in, courtesy of the contractors and the hard work of my fabulous husband. Those Ikea cabinets are time-consuming!




Finally, a nice large window looking out on our backyard and barn.


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