Kitchen Update: Thank You, Sweet Brazilian Men


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Today was a day for tears. After only 5 hours of sleep (late work night / early to rise due to construction crews), I woke to 8 dudes on my back doorstep. My foreman says, “We had the guys so we figured we’d move everything today.”


After signing on for the additional work, I knew we’d have to empty out our first floor at some point so that wood floor guys could prep, sand and stain. But today? I thought, perhaps next week, when I’ve had time to go through everything, decide what’s staying in the house and going to the barn. But he had the extra guys and the time and well, it was today.

My husband was in an all-day meeting, so I couldn’t commiserate with / complain to him. So I cried, all day, in my head and my heart. I never let an actual tear drift down my cheek. I just cried inside and started moving / packing / organizing while also trying to keep my little dog out of the actual kitchen where a group of sweet Brazilian men began plastering my walls, closing up all those holes.

I was so focused on the organizing and moving that I pretty much ignored the actual work going on in my kitchen. Soon I ventured upstairs with the dog to escape the moving madness. We holed up in my bedroom with Tivo, my computer and lots of pillows and blankets to ease my insanity, bring me some comfort. Around 3:30 PM, we dared to come downstairs.

And oh my goodness. OH MY GOODNESS.

I suddenly had a kitchen. All the plastic was pulled down, all the holes were patched up, and I HAD A KITCHEN. Sure, there were no cabinets or appliances yet, but there were WALLS. I had never been so excited to see walls in my entire life. Typically, I have a great visual eye and can imagine what something might look like down the line. But I had struggled for the last 3 weeks to imagine my kitchen. They had torn it down to the studs and re-built it back up. And finally, I had a kitchen.

My dog and I pounced about the room, just loving the freedom to run around this gigantic room. Ruby (dog) kept looking up at me as if to say, “Well, it’s about damn time.”

Yes, it’s about damn time. I love plaster. Thank you, sweet Brazilian men.

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