Kitchen Update: Don’t Twist Their Little Necks


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If I knew then what I know now, I probably would have never gone through this kitchen renovation. I say this with fatigue as I have just finished a review of the new costs associated with my contractors completing the job. Ugh.

In September, my husband and I were idealistic – we figured, “hey, the contractors will do the heavy lifting and we’ll do the finishing touches.” Then my husband got a new job and BLAM, no time to even think about finishing touches. So back to our contractors we trudge, tail between our legs, asking for an estimate for them to give me a complete kitchen by Thanksgiving. Ugh.

I just got the estimate – and while it’s not ridiculous, it’s more. Just plain more. We’ve learned a lot of lessons during this process.

  1. Unless you’re experienced, never think you’ll have the time to do major parts of renovation. A drawer handle, sure. A new floor and sub-floor and blue-boarding and plastering, NO WAY NO DAY.
  2. Budget the worst case scenario, and mentally prepare yourself to have to spend that money. Construction projects always cost 10-20% more than anticipated. (Or 30-50%.)
  3. Like your contractors. Really like them, so that when they put a gigantic estimate in front of you and your eyeballs roll back in your head, you won’t feel the urge to lunge across the table and twist their little necks until you feel all the bones crack. Well, you may feel it, but you won’t act on it.
  4. Keep your eye on the prize. Just remember, you will have a new kitchen. It will have lovely cabinets and a beautiful new dual-fuel range. Your hard floors throughout the house will be stained a lovely, modern dark shade of mahogany. Your kitchen window will finally look out on all that land you have behind your house. Your old house will finally have a modern kitchen. You will be happy. Keep that in mind. REALLY do. Try to anyway.

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