Kitchen Update: Little Heart Attacks


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I’ve been having little heart attacks all day.

In order for me to have a counter top for Thanksgiving, the contractors need to have the cabinets installed by next Thursday. That’s NINE days away. NINE days, people. My kitchen still has no sub-floors and no wiring and no plumbing and no blue boards. It also still has a big old chimney dead center that hasn’t been dropped and re-routed yet. Ugh!

Now my contractor and his crew are great – and very fast. But they’re working on siding right now. Siding! I need them inside not outside. I know very little about construction, which my husband would attest to. But if I was their project manager, I’d be focusing on the inside!

Heart attacks all day.

So I just had a face-to-face with my foreman. And he eased my fears. He says it’s totally do-able to have cabinets in by next Thursday. TOTALLY do-able. I am holding him to that… and will just focus on getting ready to head out to work now.


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