New Kitchen: Update


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I would have never guessed that deciding to upgrade your kitchen would be this grueling. Fun, but grueling. (My husband is chronicling our process here.)


  • My dual-fuel convection stove arrived yesterday, along with its nifty hood. It’s very modern, and just our style.
  • Black honed granite. It looks just like soapstone, but is less expensive and more resistant to daily wear and tear.
  • Our new cork floor will be very eco-friendly and functional. It won’t be installed for several weeks, but it’s very nice. UPDATE: No more cork. My friend/interior designer came over and chastised me for even thinking of laying cork (eco-friendly but very cheap-looking) in this 100-yr-old farm house. The entire house has hardwood floors, so we are getting estimates to continue that in the kitchen now. I love hardwood floors and from a design perspective they really do make sense – I just hope we can afford them!
  • Dining out has always been a joy for me. It’s happening a lot lately and I love it. (I can’t really stand microwaved food. I will not have a microwave in our new kitchen. I am taking a stand, damn it.)


  • Dust. Everywhere. EVERYWHERE. It appears that our 1905 house spits dust out of every available air pocket. I am repeatedly washing towels and sheets and floors and dog.
  • Too many options. Kitchen renovation would be easier if a guy showed up and said, “You can have this floor or that floor – two options, that’s it.” And the same with counter tops, shelving, cabinets, etc. The perfectionist that I am wants to see every possible option before making a decision. It sucks.
  • We wake up at 6:30am every morning, as the construction folks arrive at 7am. That wouldn’t be so bad if we didn’t go to sleep at midnight due to late-night kitchen and bathroom design sessions. And re-design sessions.
  • UPDATE: Work on the weekends. They are worried about Thanksgiving and are now planning to work Saturdays. SATURDAYS.

I know it will all be worth it on Thanksgiving morning when I can cook my 15-lb turkey in 2.5 hours. Convection is a joy, I hear. Wait, Thanksgiving. 20 PEOPLE in 4 weeks. Ugh. I gotta get back to work.

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