About Eat Boutique:

Eat Boutique is an oh-so-stylish food gift resource and story-driven shop for the crafty cook and DIY food fan who is, let’s be real, basically all of us. (We also have plenty for those who would rather shop than cook!) We feature:

  • Delicious, stylish and small batch food gifts for all occasions
  • Effortless recipes and personal essays by experienced food pros (who are also friends)
  • Favorite food and travel moments with cookbook authors, chefs, makers and writers
  • Expert tips on all things food gift love, such as what to make, how to wrap, and ways to make food gifting part of your lifestyle
  • Personal loves of Eat Boutique’s founder, Maggie Battista

We plan to create more story-focused, small batch shop experiences in 2015 + 2016 (YAY!) inspired by food boutiques and markets from all over the world but deeply rooted in sharing the best food stories and enhancing daily food life in our own community.


About the food:

In our award-winning online shop, we feature small batch and ethically produced food, kitchen, and home gifts for a beautiful and delicious life. We only sell what we ourselves would buy, which means everything is tasted and loved, highlighted with our glowing recommendation.

Eat Boutique products are sourced from passionate makers, farmers and purveyors. They are made in small batches from treasured recipes, and the majority of our products use fair-trade, organic, or sustainably-sourced ingredients. . Each time we (and you) buy food made by a small maker, farmer or producer, you contribute to their success and the success of small businesses as a whole. By helping small businesses become more economically viable, we in turn give our community better access to the very best food, making us all healthier, happier, and more connected to each other, the table, and our land.

Many of our products are luxuries, and many of them are also affordable. Eat Boutique wants to make cooking and eating a joy for everyone, which is why you’ll find fancy truffle sea salt next to an affordable craft chocolate bar. These gifts are for every day, special occasions, and for anyone who needs a little food gift love.


7 Ways We Eat Boutique:

  1. With intention: We purposely choose food made from love, passion and small business vision.
  2. With beauty in mind: The food we feature is both visually and literally appetizing, made for a gift or your kitchen shelf.
  3. In smaller batches: Food made by hand or in small batches delivers true flavor.
  4. Only the highest quality: The best ingredients make the best food products. We work with makers and producers who only use the highest quality ingredients.
  5. Sustainably: Delicious food should consider the world. Our featured makers prioritize ethically-sourced ingredients with only natural preservatives, if any. If there’s sugar in our products, it’s real sugar, and not faux sugar.
  6. Valuing innovation + tradition: The recipes that make up our featured products are often family heirlooms and painstakingly tested. The great taste comes from hard work, not a lab.
  7. Supporting small businesses: When you buy food made by small businesses, you cast your dollar (and vote) for handmade, sustainable food. That act strengthens and expands the market for handmade, sustainable food.

It’s now your turn to share the food gift love! Shop now.