Pretzel Making at Home

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When you want a twist on snack food, there is only one solution: the pretzel. And now, thanks to Andrea Slonecker, you can make your very own at home. This delightfully fun and informational book provide more than 50 ways shape, fill, and top the beloved dough. We can’t get enough of the pretzel bread pudding with caramel sauce.

Cookies Twelve Days of Holiday Food Gifts //

Cookies: The 12 Days of Holiday Food Gifts

Posted December 1, 2015

Baking cookies is my absolute favorite part of the holiday season. In my house, there are a few cookies that appear every year: soft pecan balls coated in powdered sugar, extravagantly-decorated gingerbread men, and almond crescent cookies topped with meringue.…

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Cranberry Manhattan //

Cranberry Manhattan with Boozy Cranberries

Posted November 29, 2015

The holidays are finally here, and having a cocktail to serve when guests arrive is a wonderful way to start the evening. But during this cheery, cozy time, I serve a drink that’s a tad more special, that has flare – so…

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