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I’m going to keep this post short and sweet, because I don’t want to hold up getting this non-recipe into your wholesome little hands pronto. I sure do keep canned chickpeas on hand because dinner is so last minute sometime, but I prefer to have a pot of these in the fridge or even portioned out in the freezer for a quicker way to a satisfying meal.

This takes a little time to come together, but it’s the sort of time that’s mindless – you can do a hundred other things at the same time and still end up with a delicious pot that will give great meals all week, or ready for a jar to gift to a neighbor (perhaps with soup stock and some fresh veggies). The beans come out cooked as you like them, flavored only with the hint of bay leaves. You’ll want to season them with a touch of sea salt before eating them or adding them to other dishes.

In the coming weeks, I’ll share a few ways I use up this big post of chickpeas. Until then, enjoy! More so soon. xox

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Chickpeas From Scratch


  • Dried chickpeas
  • Water, for soaking and cooking
  • Bay leaves
  • Sea salt, to season


  1. Place dried chickpeas in a bowl of water. Let soak 8 hours or overnight. Drain chickpeas and toss soaking water.
  2. Place chickpeas and water to cover by 2 inches in a large pot over medium heat. Add in 1-2 bay leaves. Simmer for 2-3 hours until cooked to tender to the tooth.
  3. Drain and a little sea salt before using. Reserve the chickpea cooking liquid for thickening or adding flavor to soups and stews.
Photos taken by Heidi Murphy/ White Loft Studio.

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  • savvy

    My intro to cooking ‘ceci’ from scratch was in Italy while on a trip to Apulia with friends!! Most often just head to the pantry, and rinse off my beans. Perhaps taking time to cook from scratch is in my future for 2017!

    • I hope so! It’s easy and you can flavor them as you like. Happy 2017! xo

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