The Food Gift Love Cookbook Tour and A Big Giveaway



In my house it’s always time for food gifts. However, these last few weeks have been especially busy, a mashup of warm days (late summer!) and cool nights (early fall!) filled with heaps of plump produce for saving, preserving, and gifting.

In the past seven days alone, I’ve squeezed grape juice from my neighbor’s backyard harvest; started my annual batch of fermented hot sauce with my jalapeños; pressed a fresh ferment of kohlrabi curtido (a Latin-style vegetable slaw) into a large Le Parfait jar; roasted pumpkin puree and shredded zucchini for the freezer; and finally, I’m about to start canning pounds of cranberries for a string of special events.

Since I’m one in a household of two, all these foodstuffs are put up to enjoy for the next few seasons or to be given away, all the time. I’m preserving at a frantic pace right now because one, ’tis the season and, two, I’m about to embark on a very long (amazing) trip to see all of you.

I’ve partnered with the incredible folks at Le Parfait Jars to take this food gift love thing on the road! This Fall, I’ll visit nearly 10 U.S. cities to share my new Food Gift Love cookbook with you, demo recipes, and chat about the best food gifts for every occasion, how I started Eat Boutique, and how to make food gifting a part of your lifestyle.

I’ve been a fan of Le Parfait Jars for as long as I can remember, and I use their jars in all of my preserving and gifting projects. When they offered to sponsor my cookbook tour and give everyone who signed up free Food Gift Love starter kits (sign up now), well, I knew it was a match made in food gift heaven. Let’s dig into details.



I am so excited to finally meet all of you in the following cities:

And then, you’ll find me and the big Eat Boutique crew spreading the food gift love at our huge event in Boston for the month of December, more details to follow! xox

***BIG GIVEAWAY IS NOW CLOSED*** Win a collection of Le Parfait jars (8 different sizes in all)!

I’m kicking off this tour with a sip of something strong and a big giveaway! Your kitchen (and your favorite people) will love these jars. Enter for a chance to win a large collection of Le Parfait Jars (everything included in the photo above!) by kicking off our tour talks right here. Tell me all about your signature food gift! What do you make and gift at the holidays? What’s the one gift your friends have come to know (and love) you for?

THE PRIZE (PHOTO ABOVE): An entire collection of 8 Le Parfait Jars with a variety of different tops and sizes, including 1 500ml jar; 2 750ml jars; 1 1,000ml jar; 1 1-liter jar; 1 1.5-liter jar; 1 2-liter jar; and 1 3 liter jar.

HOW TO ENTER: It’s so easy to enter. Just comment below and tell us what your signature food gift is and why! Every follow/share on FacebookPinterest, Twitter, and Instagram earns another entry too — just follow/share us there and leave a comment here with the link(s) to your social media profile.

We’ll randomly pick a winner on Monday, October 12, 2015. If your name is picked, we’ll notify you between October 13-15 and ship to you directly shortly thereafter. Please reply within 48 hours, or we’ll need to choose another winner. (Don’t forget the fine print: We can only ship to continental U.S. addresses.)

–The giveaway is now closed, and a winner will be notified shortly. Thank you to all who entered.–

Le Parfait Giveaway //


Photos taken and styled by Heidi Murphy/White Loft Studio.

Eat Boutique is an award-winning shop and story-driven recipe site created by Maggie Battista. After hosting pop-up markets for 25,000+ guests, Maggie is now focused on opening her first permanent Eat Boutique​–​a food​-​retail concept space ​with a new way to the very best food. Her second cookbook, A New Way to Food: Recipes That Revamped My Pantry & Made Me Love Me, At Last, will be published by Roost Books/Penguin Random House in 2019. Her first cookbook, Food Gift Love, features more than 100 food gift recipes to make, wrap, and share and is available wherever you find favorite cookbooks.

Follow Eat Boutique’s founder Maggie here: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest.

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  • Kelly E.

    My go-to food gift is jam. It’s the one thing I feel most confident will taste good after it’s been sitting on the shelf for a while! I also have one salsa recipe that makes a fun gift if you pair it with festive tea towels. Thank you for the chance to win!

    • Thank you, Kelly. You’re the best — and jam is probably one of my go-to’s too. Mine is a rhubarb version, yummmm. xox

  • Leslie

    My signature gift is my Sweet & Salty Granola. I add dried cranberries & apricots during the holidays to make it more festive. I always package it in pretty jars so they can be used long after the granola is gone.

    • I love that, Leslie. I love giving a pretty jar that can be reused and gifted again and again. Plus, sweet and salty, all the way. xox

  • Christi in MA

    My new go-to food gift is homemade fluff. When I made s’mores cupcakes I had leftover marshmallow, so I put it in jars and gave it away. HUGE HIT!

    • Alison

      this is brilliant. I might have to do this and pair it with some homemade nut butters this year. maybe even homemade bread and jam too! thanks for the idea!

    • I’m with Alison. This is such a great idea! I’d love to give a jar with some peanut butter and a pile of bananas and homemade bread. YUM!

  • Alison

    I make something different each year – it’s never the same. Recent gifts have been sauces for ice cream, flavored salts and spice mixes. All in festive packaging, of course 🙂 I love doing it – and it’s so much more fun than finding gifts at the mall!

    • I am with you, Alison. A scarf is just lovely, but a food gift is special in a way that’s hard to describe. And packaging!! xox

  • Paula Peabody

    My GO-TO food stuff is home-made soups….make large enough pots of each so I can share with friends and family…one neighbor is an official taste tester. During the holidays it’s assorted chocolate truffles (i.e. Grand Manier and orange zest, Chambord and raspberries, Kaluha and a roasted coffee bean or chocolate nibs, etc.). Really feel good when my gifts…of food and love are enjoyed…

    • You’re the best, Paula. Can I live near you?! And if you need another taste tester — soup season is on! xox

  • Leslie Murtagh

    A jar of my award winning bread and butter pickles. Won Blue ribbons at State Fair many times

    • Oh my goodness, Leslie! You are a star! I hope to someday taste ’em 🙂

  • Brigitte L.

    This fall I am perfecting my single malt scotch sugar with a touch of brine & smoke.

    • Oh my gosh, Brigitte. That just sounds like heaven and like it’d rim a perfect Old Fashioned… xox

  • Steph

    My signature food gift is homemade toffee

    • I love homemade toffee! I have an easy, quick version in my cookbook. The thing about toffee = everyone just loves it! Thanks, Steph!

  • My go to of late is vanilla extract! It’s literally the easiest thing ever to “make,” and if you add a cute little homemade tag and put it into a classy bottle, it makes for a beautiful, fun, and practical gift.

    • I have a huge jar of extract in my pantry, Taryn. From do you source your bottles? I usually go to, or Le Parfait 🙂

  • Kristin M

    I like to give homemade vanilla extract because people think it’s hard to make an exotic but it’s so simple!!

    • It is really so simple. I love that you gift this! I think it’s the best homemade gift for a baker. Thanks for entering!

  • Katy Glynn

    I am a baked good kind of gal! I like to switch it up but I am always trying new pastry recipes! Thanks for such an amazing giveaway!

    • Thank you, Katy, for posting! What’s your favorite pastry to make/give … or better yet, receive?!

  • Rachael Hoy DeShano

    My first foray into food gifting was making garlic and lemon sea salts as wedding favors this past May. While I’m hoping to branch out this Christmas, all the requests we’ve been getting for more salt tell me that our first food gift will become our signature.

    • Sea salt is the best gift. Do you use a special sea salt? I like all kinds but I’m especially partial to a flakey sea salt. 🙂 xox

  • Smith Bites

    My go-to is jam – but this year we’re adding honey from our very own bee hives!

    • I am so jealous, lady! That was probably one of the very best gifts I ever received — honey from a friend’s hives. You are going to be the friend everyone wants, always, and especially this year! Miss you. xox

  • I gift my special blend of Herbs de Provence in vintage Hazel Atlas jelly jars, along with suggested uses written on a homemade tag. They’re always a hit! Your jars have great shapes. I especially like the ones with rubber seals and bales. Fingers crossed!

    • Thanks so much, Cynthia! I love those flip top / bale jars. They are so iconic and special. I’m looking Hazel Atlas jelly jars up right now xox

  • Suzanne

    I have a group of friends that get together for a big blowout dinner once a quarter. I love to bring homemade goodies with me. I can’t wait to get a copy of the book and make some “party favors.” See you in SF!

    • YAY! I can’t wait to meet in SF, Suzanne. See you soooooon! xox

  • Michelle

    my go to gift is homemade applesauce made from apples we’ve picked at my in-laws’ Michigan orchard. But this year, my hubby and I are making apple vinegar 🙂 I love the jars! Fingers-crossed.

    • I am starting my own apple scraps vinegar too. How are you making yours? Good luck and thanks for sharing! xox

      • Michelle

        We just ground up apples in the food processor, add cooled, de-clorinated water (so you just boil your water and keep it at a rolling boil for 10 mins or so), then add sugar, and a small amount of champagne yeast to get it all started. Then, you’re off!! Keep me posted I’d love to hear about your success 🙂

  • Shaina Olmanson

    We do baking mixes in jars a lot, but recently we have started packing barbecue boxes for new parents that include jarred homemade barbecue sauce, baked beans, coleslaw, and smoked ribs.

    • Can I be a new parent in your neighborhood please?!?! Oh my gosh, that’s the tops. I bet those hugs you get in return, they’re the very best. Thanks so much, Shaina! xox

  • How fun! Where will you be in Portland, Oregon?

    My go-to goodness gift is sweet little jars of homemade whipped body butter made of organic cacao butter, coconut oil, and jojoba oil – it’s the sexiest, most luscious, amazing body butter there ever was and it will last ages! Plus no icky preservatives and artificial gunk, so it’s about as natural as you can get. So amazing!

    • KATE! I WANT THIS RECIPE. I love to make coconut oil sugar scrubs and we’re going to have a big DIY sugar scrub bar at my Holiday Market in Boston this year. I will be at 2 events in Portland and you can see them here:

      They aren’t book-signing events (since the book releases Oct 13th) but they’ll be FUN FUN events. I’m going to see vegukate now… xox 🙂

      • mmm sugar scrubs are amazing too! you can find the body butter recipe on my blog 🙂
        I checked out the Portland blogger/creative/amazing-ness event – but the tickets are all sold out! Do you know of a ticket waitlist by chance?

        • Kate, email the ladies to find out! The email is They may have room, who knows! 🙂 I will scope out your body butter asap. Merci!

  • merci! xox

  • taryn tener

    Cookie mix in a jar is one of my signature giveaways, but I am reading the comments, and thinking of new possibilities! I like the idea of doing a salsa!

    • Cookie mix!! What type of cookie? xox

  • Julie Waldron

    My signature food gift is white chocolate popcorn. Because it’s easy to make and it’s sweet and salty, win-win 🙂

    • Anything sweet salty is a winner!! Delicious.

  • Julie Waldron

    My signature food gift is White Chocolate Popcorn, everybody loves it. It’s a mixture of sweet & salty and very addicting.

  • Julie Waldron

    Followed on instagram @jwal902

  • Peggy Rydzewski

    I make really good snicker doodles.

    • I love snicker doodle too, Peggy! How do you wrap them??

      • Peggy Rydzewski

        I Buy the Chinese food out boxes. Sometimes the dollar store has them. We can decorate them.

  • Kate

    I’m mostly known for my brioche cinnamon raisin bread, though this year I am also trying a bunch of jams & chutneys

  • jennfnn

    hot chocolate

    • Yes, hot chocolate!! xox

  • jennfnn

    followed on facebook

  • Flynn

    Definitely jam. And at Christmas, sugar cookies aren’t too bad.

    • Sugar cookies are never bad! xox

  • HoneyB22

    As a single working Mama of 3, I am often short on time but I so love to bake and when I can I often give my Double Decadent Chocolate Cookies as gifts! YUM! (Nicole Bowers)

    • Nicole, that sounds delicious! xox

  • Tabetha Vinzant

    My signature food gift is Cookies/Cookie mix in a jar because it looks pretty and you can docarate the jar/package jazz it up

    • I love cookie mix jars… What’s your favorite flavor?!

  • Chenoa

    I think my go to food gifts are themed baskets! Usually a bread/muffin mix, jam, and drink or syrup.

  • MBridges

    My favorite food gift is pear bourbon vanilla jam. It is something that is unique, that people can’t buy at a store and people are always very happy when they get a homemade treat that they probably wouldn’t make themselves.

  • Patrice Mills

    Fresh peach preserves!

  • Marnie G (Derrick Todd)

    My signature food gift is the dry ingredients for my chocolate chip cookies in a mason type jar with instructions printed on a label. Everyone loves these and raves about them.

  • Marnie G (Derrick Todd)

    Followed on Facebook — name: Derrick Todd.

  • Marnie G (Derrick Todd)

    Followed on Instagram. Name: marnie470

  • Marnie G (Derrick Todd)

    Shared on twitter (retweeted). Twitter name: @marnietoddg

  • Kathy Davis

    I would use to send food home to kids in college

  • RondaR

    My go-to food gift is jam. My friends and family love my strawberry, raspberry and strawberry raspberry jams.

  • Danielle

    My go to gift is candy. I make lots of different candies and cookies to gift. Some of those include peanutbutter balls, and mints.

  • katie bellamy

    I make canned banana bread for Christmas gifts every year. So easy and so clever!

  • katie bellamy

    Facebook Fan!

  • Fiona N

    One of my signature food gifts is the spicy beef noodle soup for my family and friends because it tastes good and easy to cook 🙂

  • Dawn Monroe

    My food gift is oatmeal cookies and fudge. They are easy to make and travel well.

  • Marcia Goss

    My holiday gift food is sugared pecans. I give them as gifts every year, and my friends and family love them!

  • Stephanie Phelps

    My signature food gift is lasagna because it just makes you feel good!

  • Heather

    My signature food is my Whoopie pies because they’re AMAZING but it’s almost time for my annual cranberry sauce making and these jars would be perfect!

  • latanya t

    I like making cheese balls.

    dlatany at gmail dot com

  • latanya t

    I follow you on pinterest

    dlatany at gmail dot com

  • latanya t

    Twitter follower @sweetums82

    dlatany at gmail dot com

  • janetfaye

    My signature food gift is Pumpkin Butter because everyone asks for it over and over and I love to make it.

  • janetfaye

    I follow you on Instagream and liked this photo – janetfaye

  • Amanda Bruner

    I go with a nice bottle of local wine and good cheese!

  • Audra watts

    I love making jams and jellies they seem to please everyone

  • Karen R. Propes

    There are so many, but I love to put Chicken Noodle Soup in large jar. I put in a basket with bread and dessert. A dinner in a jar. Thanks to everyone for other great ideas to use for gifts.

  • Colleen Long

    My specialty i the caramel apple pops I make. They are so good.

  • Claire

    oreo truffles. everyone loves them!

  • Sue Hull

    I like to buy cookie ingredients and put them in jars of different sizes. Its a nice gift to give or recieve. This year money is tight so Im going to put dried fruit,candy or trail mix in jars to give. Id love to win these jars. Thank you for the chance 🙂

  • trina feliciano

    I make my own vegan mayo and it is sooooo good. Everyone loves it.

  • amy tolley

    my to go to foods is jams and sauces

  • Laura

    I love making jam with fresh raspberries from our garden!

  • Laura

    Liked on FB (laura houston)

  • Laura

    Following on Pinterest (lhpuppy24)

  • Laura

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  • Laura

    Following on IG (lhpuppy24)

  • Renee

    How did I forget to comment? Well, I’m a jammer. No particular flavor, just whatever is in season and that I’m excited about. My last was Italian Plum Jam.

  • Not sure if the giveaway is still open . . but my signature food gift is granola or cookies. . because I am always making both! and like to mix it up using seasonal ingredients!

  • Tina Jones

    My most popular food gifts are Irish cream and spicy whole grain mustard.

  • Jenny Hartin

    Brownies, jams, cheesecake are my food gifts.

  • I know these items are ridiculously simple, but I always assemble a “movie night,” basket: popcorn I pop on the range from kernels (old school style), Trader Joe’s French Market Sparkling French Berry Lemonade, two glasses (ikea), two cloth napkins (ikea), a classic movie DVD, and a super easy lemon bar recipe all placed in a nice looking receptacle from the thrift store. It’s relatively easy on the pocket (under $20), super personal and usually goes over pretty well.

    Pinterest @eatgordaeat | Twitter @eatgordaeat | Facebook @gordaeats | Instagram @eatgordaeat

  • Marisol Avila

    Hi Maggie! I make homemade Limoncello from my lemon tree and fill little glass bottles with cute ribbon and give these as gifts:) Most everyone loves this! Lol

  • my go-to food gift is a chocolate sauce. my mother has been making and gifting this chocolate sauce for as long as I can remember and I’m pretty sure it came from my grandmother. for me, the packaging is the most fun and these jars would be perfect! I’m following on pinterest (@seagrassstudio), twitter (@elizabethswartz), facebook and instagram (@elizabethcraneswartz) and can’t wait for your Boston stops xoxo

  • Wendi Mosteiko

    Homemade hot chocolate mix is my go to gift.

  • lshumack

    Banana Bread is my to go gift for everyone! Seems like my friends don’t want to take the time to make a loaf or they aren’t happy with it when they do it…

  • Brighid

    My favorite gift to give over the holidays is a jar of blackberry jam from berries my family picked over the summer. It is the perfect reminder of summer during those cold months.