Mustard Sea Salt


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I have a complicated relationship with ribbon. String, twine or straight up fabric ribbon, every type is so very gorgeous. I love them all so much, I want them all right now. In fact, I can’t stand to toss gently used ribbon. I keep a jar of remnants in my kitchen and every time someone gifts me a package, the bow is unknotted, rewound, and placed into an overflowing jar.

Okay, you got me… I may not unknot or rewind the remnants. I may just shove them as is into a big beautiful mess. My big beautiful mess, as you can see in these photographs.

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I save all this string and twine and ribbon because, gosh, I should. Instead of consistently reaching for a brand new roll of something shiny new, I use a random short length to twist around a jar or the neck of a bottle. I guess I love the notion of passing on something pretty and vintage to the next person. I also love the notion that I’m doing something that’s economical, eco-friendly, effortless, and elegant.

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I didn’t grow up with pretty ribbon. I actually didn’t grow up with much, which may be why I save gently used ribbon (but that’s another story for another day). I did, however, grow up with all the important things: lots of love and hugs, lots of good latin and italian dishes, and instant big-family parties the moment the weekend hit. No worries, I definitely had dolls and toys and clothes – just perhaps not the au currant versions all the other girls had.


But no matter what the stuff was, whether it was a new t-shirt or a gently used doll, every gift was presented to me in brand new gift wrap, the sort of gift wrap that was glossy, bright, colorful, age-appropriate (Strawberry Shortcake wrapping paper, anyone?!) and that brought the contents to a whole new level. There was always a great big bow, too. You gotta love that.

The gift wrap elevated whatever was inside and made me feel kinda great, and I spent not one moment thinking about what we didn’t have. And sometimes when my own adult pantry is low on stuff and I need a food gift for someone, I make this economical, effortless, and elegant pantry gift.

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Two things shaken together never tasted so good.

Mix equal parts mustard powder with sea salt, seal and shake. Tie with a remnant of ribbon. Write a label on some leftover scrap of paper. If you have one you want to give away, slip in a vintage spoon.

This gift is ever-so-handy for a summer full of picnic hosts and barbecue masters and anyone who needs to just feel special. I sprinkle it on meat (before or after a sear or grill), veggies, and even popcorn.

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Mustard Sea Salt

Prep Time: 5 Minutes


  • 1 part mustard powder
  • 1 part sea salt


  1. Add mustard powder and sea salt to a jar with an airtight lid. Seal and shake until well-combined.


  • 1 short length of ribbon
  • 1 paper scrap or card
  • 1 spoon, optional


  1. Tie ribbon around rim of jar.
  2. Write label on paper and slide in between ribbon and the side of jar.
  3. Slip a spoon between the ribbon and the side of the jar too, if using.
Photos styled and taken by Heidi Murphy/White Loft Studio

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