Recipe Testers Needed for Maggie’s First Cookbook




Hello, everyone! I’m back from Salt Lake City, Utah — oh my goodness, it’s gorgeous there! — and I’m thrilled to get to work on my very first cookbook.  But all those recipes need testing. Can you help by providing some honest feedback? Kate, who also happens to hail from the great state of Utah, shares all the details… Merci, in advance! -Maggie 

We’re so tickled pink–we almost look like flamingoes–and so very proud of our fearless and oh so adorable leader, Maggie. We can’t wait for the arrival of what we’re sure will be a treasured resource of well-loved recipes. There is, however, a lot to do before that day comes, and we’re in need of an amazing, loving, and fun team of recipe testers to ensure that every recipe in the cookbook is a guaranteed success.

What we want in a Recipe Tester:

  • You love to cook, bake, jam, and/or pickle. All culinary skill levels are welcome, but you must love being in the kitchen.
  • You find it heartbreaking when a recipe fails. (All that time. All those ingredients. Such an incredibly sad waste.)
  • Your cookbooks are well-used — many filled with little notes, edits, and suggestions.
  • You keep your word. Friends, family, and colleagues know that they can count on you to do what you say you will.
  • You have an eye for detail and have no problem following instructions.
  • You’re available to test at least one recipe per month (hopefully one per week) until the cookbook is complete (possibly for the next six months).
  • You love to volunteer—there is no compensation for recipe testing (aside from Maggie’s and the Eat Boutique crew’s eternal gratitude, as well as getting a sneak peek of what’s in the book). Remember, recipe testing is truly a labor of love.

Does this sound like you? Then we’re dying to work with you. Apply now, and you’ll be hearing from us soon. Happy cooking, everyone!

Photos by Heidi/White Loft Studio.

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  • Peggy W

    OH my word what an incredible opportunity! My family teases me about being Dr. Frankenstein in the kitchen…..not because the recipes come out horrible but because I love trying out new recipes and techniques. I mean how can one resist the lure of all those ingredients in the store… its like the calling of a siren. favorite thing at present… a recipe similar to raincoast crisps (except mine recipe was originally given to me by an elderly lady prior to the internet.)

    Thank you and have a wonderful day!

    • You are the sweetest, Peggy. Recipes are the best. I hope you’re able to join in on the fun. We plan for it to be fun – intense and fun !! xox