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Black Honey Tea Cake




I was seven years old when my father gave me my first real (as in it wasn’t made of plastic, was refreshingly free of stickers, and was incredibly fragile) tea set. My dapper dad had lived in England when he was a child, and some of his fondest memories surrounded afternoon tea time (he somehow wasn’t as sentimental about the adorable uniforms with knee-high socks he had to wear to school each day). He would reminiscence about the tea, biscuits, lemon curd, and clotted cream with such affection that I longed to have my very own tea time. I cherished that tea set, with its tiny, colorful cups and stout little pot, because it allowed me to pretend that I, too, was a proper English child enjoying my daily spot of tea.

Thankfully, I no longer have to pretend (well, at least about tea time; sadly I will never be English), because some of our favorite bloggers and their incredibly creative minds have made it easy for tea time to become a daily pastime for all of us. From finger sandwiches to decadent desserts (like the sweet treat pictured above and discussed in further detail below), we give you our picks for the perfect way to sip–pinkies out, of course–in style.


Move over plain-Jane cucumber sandwiches. Thanks to the addition of mint, dill, lemon, and avocado, the traditional gets a flavorful makeover in these Cucumber Avocado Tea Sandwiches. Still petite enough to eat with a cup of tea, these are perfect as an accompanying afternoon snack.  {From VkRees Photography}

We all know one is wonderful, but four is truly fabulous. With that in mind, we found four different types of savory sandwiches that are almost too cute to eat. Cut into adorable little rounds and then topped with delightful combinations, such as Pineapple and Cheese, Avocado and Tomato, Cucumber and Dill, and Basil Tomato, these Garden Tea Sandwiches add a fresh and fabulous take to finger foods. {From The Whole Family’s Food}


Nothing goes better with a cup of tea than a sweet cookie, and these Dulce de Leche Sandwich Shortbread Cookies are the perfect melt-in-your-mouth match for a chilly winter day. Simply spread a layer of rich dulce de leche between two flaky shortbread cookies before rolling in almonds. Try not to dip them in your tea. We dare you. {From The White Ramekins}

There are times when you want all the flavor of tea injected directly into your dessert. For those moments, we give you Black Tea Cake with Honey Buttercream cake. The strong, intoxicating flavors of black tea are captured in cake form by steeping tea leaves in warm milk before adding to the cake batter. The icing on the cake? Honey, of course, just like you would add to a cup of tea. Now you can have your tea and it, too. {From Pastry Affair}


Another highly-addictive treat with tea as a main ingredient is this Earl Grey Tea, Blueberry, and Lemon Cake. The calming and comforting aromas of Earl Grey mix with blueberries and lemon for a cake that is perfect for tea time – or any old time, for that matter. Not to mention the entire cake is glazed with a lovely lemon icing. Sigh, relaxation in every bite. {From Top With Cinnamon}

Lemon and tea are a match made in food heaven. It’s true, and must be the reason this Meyer Lemon Tea Cake with Apricot Glaze is so heavenly (see what I did there?). The tart, yet slightly sweet, Meyer Lemon is combined with the somewhat peachy-flavored apricots to create a cake (vegan, as well) that simply demands we all make a little time for tea. Who are we to argue with cake? {From BuenoVida}

Photos by Vanessa, Marianne, Himanshu, Kristin, Izy, Dana.

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  • Amy

    Love the idea of taking time to sit down, sip tea, and treat yourself – makes life feel a little more special!

  • jenb276

    Totally makes me want to sit down to a cup of tea – cake too! Just the treat for a Monday evening!