What We’re Loving: Potatoes




Oh, the humble potato. How lumpy and starchy and heavy you are. But how versatile, how ever-changing and adaptable! Roasted, mashed, fried, boiled, and baked; I never tire of your many faces.

For the seasonal eater, the winter can feel a wee bit heavy on the root veggies, cabbage, and potatoes. Blessedly, potatoes can be transformed in a myriad of tempting ways, only a handful of which we gathered up for today’s celebration of this most modest spud!

Start off your day with some Smashed Potatoes, in which adorable little spuds are boiled, smashed by hand, and then fried to a delightful golden brown. They take a little time, yes, but they’ll be the star of any table. {from i am a food blog}


Potatoes are often an overlooked side; here, they’re hearty and flavorful enough to anchor an entire meal. Serve a flaky, crispy Potato Galette alongside a salad for lunch, or make it the centerpiece of a weekend brunch. {from Yummy Supper}

This Sausage Potato Gratin is asking to be dinner. Unabashedly decadent, this casserole is a heavenly concoction of potatoes, sausage, and heavy cream. {from White on Rice Couple}


These are no ordinary Roast Potatoes. No, these are carefully engineered, crispy and melt-y and crunchy roasted potatoes that are alarmingly easy to pop into one’s mouth by the handful. Just… one…. more…. {from What’s Gaby Cooking}


The classic baked potato gets an upgrade, courtesy of the Loaded Hasselback Potato. Never again will your toppings feel uneven, never again will the bottom half of your potato be unadorned. {from Damn Delicious}

Fluffy, cheesy, soft, and crunchy… and there are scallions? Count me in for these Cheesy Mashed Potato Pancakes. The best part is that they take leftovers and turn them into something completely new (and possibly even more delicious). {from Just a Taste}


And now for the potato dessert. Alright, I cheated a bit, since these Sweet Potato Latkes utilize the sweeter and more colorful cousin. Drizzled with a brown sugar syrup, they are a warm, crispy treat for both sweet and savory lovers. {from The Shiksa in the Kitchen}

Photos courtesy of Stephanie, Erin, Todd & Diane, Gaby, Chung-Ah, Kelly, and Tori.

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  • Great piece, Amy. I can confirm that potatoes are indeed, versatile…and humble.
    The Cheesy Mashed Potato Pancakes and the Sweet Potato Latkes look amazing.

    • Thanks Russet! Potatoes are the dark horse that everyone needs a bit more of in their lives. And agreed on the Latkes!

  • That Hasselback is stunning. And Sweet Potato Latkes. I want those for breakfast, lunch and dinner! Happy Friday.

  • jenb276

    Those cheesy mashed potato pancakes look delicious! Might just have to put those on the menu for brunch next weekend!