What We’re Loving: Summer Red Fruits




The bounty of summer produce never fails to steal my breath away, especially when it comes to color. Deep purples, dazzling greens, yellows that put butter to shame. But my personal favorite is red, the richest and most vibrant color to appear. Come fall, we’ll have mountains of apples as a testament to the crimson hue, but right now we are blessed with the delicate rubies: cherries, strawberries, raspberries, and rhubarb.

They glisten in the sun like nothing else. They’re only available for brief, stolen moments, and then they disappear in the wake of tomatoes and zucchini, cucumbers and peppers. So we enjoy them while we can, and sigh wistfully when they’ve gone. But wait, don’t sigh yet! After downing a pint or two straight from the green carton, give your summer table a dash of edible jewels courtesy of these wonderful food bloggers; your eyes and belly will thank you.

We’ve all tasted some form of fruit salad, likely, the sad plastic cups from school lunches past. But those were only sad imitations of what could be. Try this rich and sweet Red Fruit Salad with breakfast or as a pre-dinner delight. {from 101 Cookbooks}


As the temperature slowly but surely rises, we’re enchanted by the thought of devouring one of these bright but simple Red Berry Popsicles. {from La Tartine Gourmande}


Treat yourself to a little mid-afternoon snack with this Raspberry Crumb Cake made with creme fraiche. The little raspberries dotting the confection look just like glimmering rubies. {from Buttercream Blondie}


A more savory homage to strawberries arrives in this Strawberry Quinoa Salad, starring sunflower seeds, goat cheese, and a bright lemony dressing. {from Ambitious Kitchen}


Finally, a treat that will outlast the heat and keep you smiling in the snow: Strawberry Meyer Lemon Marmalade. Bottle summer (and all its glory) up and relish it through the rest of the year! {from Love and Olive Oil}

All photos appear courtesy of Heidi, Bea, Meghan, Monique, and Lindsay and Taylor.

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