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We finally found a favorite tonic. Kathy shares how it got its name and more below. Jack Rudy was a daredevil?! Awesome. Now hurry, it’s Friday, make a G&T! -Maggie

I love a good Gin and Tonic. And a good G&T requires a high quality tonic – preferably one that is carefully crafted by someone who knows how it should taste. You see, I judge a bartender – or mixologist if you want to be en vogue – by how well they mix either a G&T or a Gin Gimlet. Neither should be a difficult drink to craft, but I’ve had terrible versions of both. Who puts sour mix in a gimlet? And, club soda is not tonic, c’mon people – keep up!

Needless to say, I’m always looking for a good small batch tonic, something I can have on hand in my cabinet, something that won’t go bad, or worse, flat. Then, I got the pleasure of researching Jack Rudy Tonic. Like a beacon of hope for G&T’s everywhere, Jack Rudy’s is what every home bar needs.

Jack Rudy’s is a tonic syrup, so it has shelf life and (Hello! Genius!) doesn’t go flat. I’m giddy about it. Giddy. This is a very cool company too – here’s the dish: Founded by Brooks Reitz (and his brother), Jack Rudy’s is made with care and love. It’s named after his (slightly) daredevil great-grandfather, Jack Rudy, who once flew a plane under a bridge, on a dare, without a pilot’s license. And, yes, it’s that Brooks Reitz who just won an Eater Young Guns Award for being a great mixologist.


And, can we talk about the packaging? It’s awesome, right? Dark apothecary bottles with a lovely paper label, this tonic syrup is sure to make my bar look brilliant. I want two bottles, one to drink and another to just stand stoically in the liquor cabinet looking gorgeous (or to work as a backup since running out of tonic before gin is such a travesty).

Look for more great maker posts, highlighting products we love and think you will too. We plan to do more sharing of what we’ve got in the shop, to highlight makers who are doing interesting, unique, wonderfully delicious things.

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  • chezus

    I have been wondering about this tonic – glad to know it is a winner as I am always on the look out for a great tonic to add to a little gin. Now I am thirsty …

    • Me too. Cheers to you! xox

  • Mmmm…

  • Brian Hard

    everything jack rudy makes is spectacular. their grenadine is as amazing as their tonic syrup and puts the grocery store bottles to shame.