Sweet Sparkling Tea



Before we lose the last rays of truly hot sun…

Before the sitting under a shady tree feels cool instead of refreshing…

Before your friends disappear into Fall busy life and can’t join you for a 2pm cocktail hour in the garden…

And certainly before the Eat Boutique Fall Market

Make a pitcher of this Sweet Sparkling Tea {a few photos below, and more photos after the jump}.

I created it for one of my favorite wedding sites, Snippet & Ink. I serve it in French glass mugs, the type that I discovered at Merci in Paris and found online once I returned home. I drink everything in them, hot or cold. Heidi of White Loft Studio and I plan to create more cocktails for Snippet & Ink so stay tuned.

Happy first week of September!

Special note: You can get $5 off your ticket to the Fall Market on Atlantic Wharf by getting them right now. {Instead of $15, you pay $10.}

All photos styled and taken by Heidi Murphy/White Loft Studio.

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  • Where can I order the mugs?

    • I ordered my mugs on Amazon! xox

  • Ariela Rose

    The mugs are so simple and elegant! — I would drink everything out of them too. I love a pretty, glass mug…it’s such a nice change from your average every day ceramic one.

  • Shelby @ Lady Gouda

    Oh I love this cocktail, nice and simple, yet very elegant (and made with things I already have on hand!). Must try before summer is gone gone gone….