Paper Cutout Oven: A Gift from Lucy Engelman



There is something so comforting about the sensory experience of cooking. The rich smells are like a warm hug that draws you in and says, “let’s stay here awhile and just relax.” It’s an honest moment that can be shared among friends to create memories or a quiet meditation to enjoy alone.

My sisters cook and bake every spare second. There is always something freshly canned in the fridge or bread rising under tea towels, bringing true relaxed happiness along with each smell and taste.  I work a lot and don’t get to spend as much time cooking with them as I’d like. This small paper oven, modeled after the one in my family’s kitchen, resides on the desk in my studio to remind me of all the happy, delicious moments we’ve had, and the ones to come once I put down the pencil and make my way to the kitchen, where there is always something new on its way out of the oven.

You can print and assemble this oven yourself, keeping it in a corner of your desk to remind you of the relaxation cooking brings. Just click on the image below to get the full size oven. Enjoy!

All illustrations by Lucy Engelman.

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  • Jill@FreestyleFarm

    I love this! So adorable! Thank you!

  • Love this oven! I’m going to put it in my kitchen for inspiration. Thanks for sharing, Lucy.

  • Yes, I printed it and gave it to several friends today!! xox

  • Fantastic! Looks just like my sister’s oven. I think I’ll make it and bake some tiny cookies to go with.

  • Lucy Engelman

    Thanks so much all! This oven’s modeled after the one in my parents house that we’ve had for ages–gas stove oldie but a goodie. I actually didn’t know you didn’t have to light an oven until I worked at a bakery when I was 15.

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  • I love it! I’ll include a link in my blog if you don’t mind.

  • meggiecat

    So cute. Wonderful small bite gift box. Thank you

  • naharutai kaew

    I love it so much Thank you

  • Valerie

    What a wonderful creation! Thanks for sharing.