What We’re Loving: On the Grill



As a city dweller, my year-round grilling efforts tend to include a grill pan situated across two of my burners, inside, under the vent.  But summer offers those of us cooped up in apartments the chance to hit the beach or escape to the country and, usually, fire up a grill.  The smell. The smoke.  The crisp food.  With Memorial Day come and gone, officially announcing the start of grilling season, we turned to some of our favorite food bloggers to inspire our next outdoor meal.

– Sure, beef burgers are my regular go-to, but why not change things up with these BBQ Portobello Sliders. They are especially cute in mini, slider size. {from Love and Lemons}

– Jeanine and Jack from Love and Lemons had our number this week.  They’ve inspired us again, with another vegetarian dish, to take from our own backyard when grilling dinner with this Grilled Herb Garden Pizza. {from Love and Lemons}

– And instead of BBQ chicken, I wouldn’t mind a helping of Indian Grilled Lamb with Mint Sambol.  The marinade includes cardamom and cumin, two of my favorites, plus garlic, onions, nutmeg and ginger. {from give me flour}

– Appetizers and drinks make us all happy.  These Grilled Beets with Goat Cheese and Cilantro Quinoa could make a lovely meal or a stunning small plate to start, no? {from The Little Red House}

– I love to grill fruit, especially pineapple that I top with a scoop of vanilla ice cream for dessert.  With vegetables, I often char up the standards – zucchini, tomatoes, onions.  But Grilled Endive is something I hadn’t considered before.  The post also suggests grilled avocado, really?  I am intrigued! {from bell’alimento}

All photos taken by and appear with permission from: Jeanine Donofrio, Paula Jones, Amanda Areias, and Sheena Jibson

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