Angelina, Paris and a Paris Gift Box



In about 10 days, I’ll jet off to Paris for some much needed… pastries! Okay, I’m going for work but pastries will definitely be consumed. Before each visit, I jot down a list of must-eat spots and, in parallel, reflect on the ancient establishments that make the city so perfect.

On my very first visit to Paris in the 90s, I fell for Angelina. I suppose we all fall for a good chocolate chaud, oui? Sure, the Rue de Rivoli salon and  pâtisserie is completely touristic, pricey and generally always packed with either touristas or fancy French women, but the first sip of this thick pourable chocolate is incomparable.

I plan to visit Angelina’s again, hopefully during a lull when I can nestle into a corner table with my shopping bags, bags typically filled with handmade food discoveries. This time around though, I’m crafting something very special for you. In fact, I’ve been scheming up a delicious souvenir, a gift box of handmade treats from the city of light, perfect for you or someone you love. (I bet Mom would love a Paris souvenir for Mother’s Day…)

So consider this – a small gift box of Paris treats (food or cooking related) – my labor of French love for you all, but I can only do it if you believe in it too. If you would like me to create a gift box filled with a few handmade French food items or cooking-related items, then please do me two favors:

1. Reserve your Paris gift box now. I’ll make something delicious and beautiful if enough of you pre-order a gift box now. (If we don’t get enough orders, then we’ll simply refund your money by March 1.)

2. Tell your friends, your sweetie, and your family by passing along this post of pretty photos from Angelina.

Before you go, do you remember you first Paris food moment? Tell me about it in the comments below. I’ll be thinking of you in Paris, and promise to try out as many of your favorite ‘food moments’ as possible.

All photos styled and photographed by Justine Robinett for the Hip Paris blog.

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  • Catherine Parkhurst

    Gorgeous photos! Some friends visited Paris last summer and brought me back Angellina’s macarons and a bottle of the hot chocolate. It arrived solid! Needless to say, it was unbelievable. Enjoy your trip!

    • Gosh, I love that hot chocolate. It’s fairly amazing. I hope you get to visit Paris soon! xox, Maggie

  • My Maggie darling, I wish I could be there with you sipping une African svp, and doing lots of crazy food shopping in our favorite city in the world, so knowing that you will be thinking of me when you will be walking down Paris´ streets makes my heart sing. 🙂 

    My first Paris food moment probably wasn´t that fancy,maybe it was shawarma avec frites while discovering the city, but my firsts Paris gourmet food moments were a dinner at L´Atelier de Joel Robuchon when it was brand new (St. Germain de Près location) and a `just pâtisseries´ walk with my hubs as my tour guide, that first visit I discovered Hermé, Marcolini, Ladurée, Poilane amongst others and oh, the rest is history…

    Finally (sorry for the long answer) last year I followed your Paris recommendations and went to Breizh Café and I loved it. I´m so looking forward to your food updates this time. Besos.  

    • Oh Heidi, I could write a novel in response to your comment. Come to Paris with me!!

      I had a lovely meal at L’Atelier and lived just across the street a couple years back. A pâtisseries walk sounds just up my alley and I plan to do just that the moment I land. A bit foggy with jetlag, I am sure a touch or a ton of sugar will do the trick.

      Oh I am so glad you got to try Breizh Cafe!! I am going to be living nearby so I hope to become a regular this time around. More soon, dear!! xox

  • Dawn

    I too remember my first trip to Paris with a dear friend and fell in love with the hot chocolate at Angelina’s.  It always holds such a dear place in my heart for good food, good drinks and great friends.

    •  We’ll have to do it again. I miss Angelina’s! xox

  • Njoyrhodes

    My parents sent me on a school trip to Paris in 8th grade.  The thing that I remember most from that trip were the crepes from the street vendors.  Crepe au chocolat – was my first love.  One stand put a chunk of chocolate in the crepe instead of the sauce that many of them use.  Now when I go back I often switch between crepe au chocolat and ones with lemon and sugar.

    • Oh my, I love your Paris food memory. I am a sucker for lemon and sugar on a crepe. I’ve also fallen for more savory crepes. Thanks for the reminder to visit a crepe stand! xox

  • There are really no words to describe how jealous I am right now (the good kind of jealous). Those look amazing!

  • Angelina’s is so wonderful!

  • Zoe Kay

    I realise this is a bit late, but still wanted to share my memories of Parisian food. It happened almost as soon as I entered Paris via Gare Du Nord. There was a bakery in the station and the smell of the fresh bread hit me like I was smelling bread for the first time – it was so gorgeous. And in such an unassuming setting. Heck, those aromas of real fresh bread were everywhere in Paris.

    Another experience was going to a tiny but adorable vegetarian restaurant just across the Seine from Notre Dame. The food was exquisitely presented like a work of art, all fresh vegetables and just-cooked-right eggs, and tasted absolutely beautiful. Paris was the last place I thought I’d find the best vegetarian food.

  • sarah

    Did this not end up being a box? Great idea, what were you planning to put in it?