A Community Lunch at Bondir Restaurant in Cambridge



Bondir, Cambridge, Massachusetts - Eat Boutique

For me, 2011 is about building offline communities. When the clock struck midnight on December 31 of last year, I made a pledge to   evolve all my online food conversations into real life meetings. It just seemed a bit ridiculous that I had all sorts of friends in the ether, sweet folks who have listened to my rants, my loves and my silliness (mostly silliness), whom I’ve never met in real life. I’ve met community members thousands of times via professional meet-ups and focus groups because – um, hello! – I’m a community manager by trade. But 2011 is my remedy to four years of talking and typing about food and rarely meeting a fellow food lover face to face.

After nearly three months of cocktails, dinners, and coffees with many of you, I can truly say, boy, you’re all such a lovely lot! Food enthusiasts may be opinionated and perhaps (secretly) a bit scrutinizing of the food put before them, myself included, but we really appreciate a meal made with love. In late January, I had such a meal at Bondir, a newish restaurant in Cambridge, Massachusetts brought to life by Jason Bond (formerly of Beacon Hill Bistro) and his very skilled and thoughtful team. On that night, Patrick, the restaurant’s manager, offered up the restaurant for Sunday lunch. I booked a February date and invited a hundred friends.

Bondir, Cambridge, Massachusetts - Eat Boutique

Despite a sudden limp winter storm, 16 people accepted the 16 spots available and drove from as far as Cape Ann and Rhode Island to enjoy a three-course lunch served family style, my favorite style. Rather than bore you with another hundred words describing the meal and all its glory. I wanted to, mainly, thank each person who attended. It was an honor to break bread and sip wine with you.

I’m especially grateful to: the friend who took a red eye from the west coast in order to make the lunch; his wife who picked him up and loaded him with coffee; the rocker who played for a sold out crowd until the wee hours the night before but still showed up; the friend who braved the cold with a cold to join in; the nutritionist who put up with all of our indulgent food chat for a few hours; the lady who loves cheese who parted with her out of town visitors to eat with us; the Rhode Island-based food and wine expert who made the long drive; the columnist (whom I hadn’t seen in a year) who forged past her French jet lag for the meal; the funniest tweeter I know and her beloved; the fisher woman who writes about food and works at that big university; the lady with the tiny urban kitchen whom I barely got a moment with (sadly!); the news producer whom I was finally able to chat with briefly; and the fascinating lady who left her big old house on the sea to meet up with us.

Say all that five times fast! Now, without further hold up, here are the photos from our fabulous lunch. Please know that this will not be the last lunch. It was such a fun day and I’d like to do it again soon. Want to join in? Let me know in the comments.

Bondir, Cambridge, Massachusetts - Eat Boutique

Bondir Restaurant, Cambridge - Eat Boutique

Bondir Restaurant, Cambridge - Eat Boutique

Bondir Restaurant, Cambridge - Eat Boutique

Bondir Restaurant, Cambridge - Eat Boutique

Bondir Restaurant, Cambridge - Eat Boutique

Bondir Restaurant, Cambridge - Eat Boutique

Bondir Restaurant, Cambridge - Eat Boutique

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  • Excellent write-up and photos. I couldn’t have enjoyed it more. Thanks very much for the invite.

    • Thanks, David. I so enjoyed meeting you!

  • I’ve heard only fantastic things about Bondir. These terrific photos make me want to call for a reservation today!

    • You should definitely try to go, Molly. It was a really wonderful meal, quite charming and special.

  • Tania

    Great pics, Maggie! And as always it was lovely to see you. Hope we can do it again soon.

    • Hope we can too! Thanks Tania.

  • What a beautiful photo essay, Maggie! You did such a great job capturing the feeling of the restaurant and all of the beautiful scenes throughout the cozy space. I love the individualized shout-outs- I can’t wait to spend some time clicking through each of the links tonight to re-connect with some friends made at the luncheon. Can’t wait for the next one!

    • We made a lot of friends, right? It was fun. I can’t wait for the next lunch too.

  • Really lovely post Maggie! Your images are fantastic. That risotto was so good. I wish I had a dish right now. Looking forward to your next great idea. xoxo

    • Seriously, I’ve been dreaming of that risotto! Speak soon, Erin. :}

  • Anonymous

    Is it wrong that I want to eat those duck fat & blood roasted potatoes all the time?

    • It is so not wrong, my dear. They were good!

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  • The wonderful folks at Bondir posted these photos on their site here: http://bondircambridge.com/wp/2011/03/guest-photos-from-maggie-battista/

    Thanks Jason and Patrick and Team!

  • I realized I missed this post while on vacation. Lovely write up and I loved how you introduced all the “guests” 🙂 May we chat longer and clink glasses again very soon!

    • Thanks, Kimmy! I’d love to do that soon too. 🙂

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  • Loring

    Hey Maggie, I didn’t realize you know my cousin, the fabeau artiste Josie Morway, whose creativity adorns the walls (in and out) of Bondir! Small world!


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