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I attended my first Paris party last week, and arrived with this apple and rhubarb tart from Les Petits Mitrons. (More on that Paris party in another post soon.) I was so enraptured by the crunchy crust, glazed apples and tender rhubarb that I fell in love on the spot. I carefully prepared for its purchase, visiting the shop a few times to ensure I’d find a fresh one on the day of the party. It was lovingly nestled into this pretty pink box.


The tart was so lovely on this delicate plate, provided by the hosts. No one wanted to cut into it, but everyone wanted a bite.


Up close, I admired the glazed apple wedges and bits of still bright red rhubarb, a fruit that tends to lose its color after being cooked. Les Petits Mitrons must use some sort of magic on their tarts because STILL BRIGHT RED.


The tart was one of the last things we cut into that evening. For me, I just wanted to stare at the glorious site.


And as the sun set, the tart remained intact for a few minutes after I snapped this shot. The setting sun granted us permission to finally cut it up into thick wedges. It was very fruity, and not too sweet. The crust was burnt and caramelized, in the best possible way.


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  • Glad you liked my favorite tart recommendation. Le Petit Mitron has been one rue Lepic, in Montmartre, for as long as I have been in Paris (over 17 years). In fact, Sammy, the brother of the cute guy who runs the show now, is the one who started it. He moved to San Franscisco and opened the same fabulous shop there! I forget the name, but can find out as I know it is yummy and your SF readers might want to test it out!

    • Elyssa

      Where in San Francisco? What is the name??

  • Thanks for yoru great write up Maggie ! I have shared your link with my clients as I am sure they will love reading it.

  • Oh dear! I don’t have a sweet tooth, but this looks (and sounds) like my tart dreams come true! Beautiful.

  • Beautiful tart! Don't you love French parties? We went to one when we were there a couple years ago – so different then the ones we go to here! Glad to see you adjusting nicely!

  • Gorgeous tart. And I'd love it just for the box, even if it wasn't as divine as you describe…May have to add this to my Paris list, which is getting longer and longer by the day…

  • Mmmmm, I want one! If that tart is any indication of the food you're enjoying in Paris, I'm terribly jealous :).

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