Sis Deli + Cafe Boutiques in Finland



sis deli plaid bag

Design is such a priority overseas, especially when it pertains to food. I wanted to share the cutest little cafe/deli that has several outposts in Finland. I can’t understand anything on the actual Website for the Sis Deli + Cafe, but Remodelista did a little write-up to share the details of their interior design and sweet black/white checked pattern. I am going to explode from the cuteness. Sis focuses on ecological and organic delights in quite a peaceful and hip setting. Anyone seen any great flights to Finland? Yes, I’ve been known to board a plan just to hit a cafe or restaurant with local friends. Now I just need to make some friends in Finland!

sis cafe stool and bag montage

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  • You are most welcome to SIS. Deli! Let me know in case in Finland and we'll offer you a cup of our organic coffee;) Best regards from Helsinki, Anu (the other SIS.ter)

  • Anu,

    You are so sweet to find me here and share a comment. Thank you. I am living in Paris right now and will be visiting Amsterdam soon but I am sad that I will not make it all the way up to Finland. If somehow I do, I will be sure to let you know and say hello. Your shop looks beautiful – I am so jealous that it is not in Paris or the States. Have a lovely day!


  • Jenny Wyatt

    I love your concept and look – I wish I can read Finish language. Good Luck.
    Jenny Wyatt