Watermelon Margarita



Forget orange, lime or even pomegranate juices. I’ve been head-over-heels for watermelon juice since the season started and found a glorious way to integrate it into my weekend cocktail hour.

You could buy a large melon, scoop out its meat and mash the juice from it. I opt for the easy path. My local farmer’s market has sweetly carved up the melon, packing the fruit in easy plastic containers to take-away. I grab a few tubs each week, as this fruit juice is quite refreshing during our hot summers in the northeast.

Tonight, I popped the fruit into a blender and kept my little finger on purify until there were no lumps to be seen. Next, fill a cocktail shaker with ice and all the ingredients below. Shake and pour, with ice, into a hefty glass, and decorate with a chunk of melon. Sure, I could strain out the ice and serve it straight up in a martini glass. But I wanted my husband to feel at home with a large, hefty glass, so I kept the ice

Watermelon Margarita


  • 2 parts, watermelon juice
  • 1 part, orange liquor
  • 1 part, tequila
  • 1/2 lime, squeezed into shaker

You could also choose to garnish with lime wedges, but I’m a design freak who believes in the power of the monochromatic, so it had to be a watermelon chunk. You may opt to make these super strong or fairly light; play around with the measurements to get a drink that suits your event. Today, I wanted something tasty but light. On an evening when one needs a little more punch to ease the nerves, you could certainly up the liquor ratio.

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  • http://jennb276.wordpress.com Jen B

    What a perfectly refreshing summer cocktail!! Can’t wait to try it – perhaps I sample it with another one of your summer salads on this website!

  • http://whisksandneedles.blogspot.com Sara

    Sounds awesome…wish I weren’t preggo so I could have one!! Perhaps after the baby is born…

  • http://blog.kimvallee.com/ At Home with Kim Vallee

    That must be so refreshing. I have to try this out. Maggie, have you try with several types of tequila? Is it like a regular margarita where the silver tequila tastes the best?

  • Maggie

    Thanks, Jen and Sara! Yes, it’s a totally refreshing drink. Sara, you should try watermelon juice and seltzer; it’s my non-alcoholic version.

    Kim, I find the silver is the best. I’ve made this with Cuervo (gold, good), Corazon (anejo, pretty good) and Patron (silver, great!) I find any margarita is only as good as it’s tequila. But I choose the right one for the occasion. If I’m having just 1 drink, I go for the Patron. If I’m making loads of drinks, sometimes by the pitcher, I use the more affordable gold tequilas; it just goes much further.

  • http://www.myspace.com/issacabrera Issa

    Thanks, Maggie! Looks great and I LOVE watermelon. Makes me want to host a summer cocktail party or something. Let me know if you want to co-host here in NYC. :) ~Issa

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